Fast track laws that will ban LGBTQI+ in the country….. Osaberima Tebi Anum ii Akyem Bankamihene to government

The acting Nifahene of Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area, Osaberima Tabi Anum II, has called on government to fast track laws that will ban LGBTQI+ in the country.

The Nifahene in an exclusive interview with stated that the culture of Africans frowns on the practice of LGBTQI+. He urged the government not to adhere to the pressures from the west and accept what is a taboo and culturally unhealthy.

According to him he does not understand the reason why a man will want to marry another man whiles there are beautiful women around who are ready for marriage and also it marvels him why women want to marry their fellow women whiles there are handsome men out there who are looking for women to marry.

He stressed that God created women for men and also men for women so he wonders why human beings are trying to be more wiser than God.

He pleaded with government not to accept LGBTQI+ in the country. Osaberima Tabi Anum II said lesbianism and gay are not part of Ghanaian culture so he urged the people in authority to do everything in their capacity to ban the forbidable act.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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