Filmmakers Must Respect President’s Directive For COVID-19 – Mclord Ice

Mclord Ice Impraim.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eagle Sight Productions, Mclord Ice Impraim has advised filmmakers to also take the directives of the President of the Republic seriously so as to collectively help to contain the spread of the novel COVID-19 spread.

He also charged them to put proper measures and directives in place, urging them to make hand sanitizers available whenever they go on set to shoot films.

Mclord Ice Impraim however suggested that is the filmmakers cannot ensure such measures, then all film production activities must be put on hold.

Mclord Ice Impraim who is also the National Chairman of Training and Workshop Committee of Film Directors Guild of Ghana and Executive Member of Film Makers Organization of Ghana (FIMO Ghana) said, this is the time the welfare department of filmmakers in Ghana take cognizance of the fact that welfare is not only on providing food but all necessary things that will protect crew and actors as whole from COVID 19.

He said, temperatures of crew and talents must be tested periodically on set or locations and proper and adequate tools must be provided; examples disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, nose mask and others to protect all.

Speaking in an interview with Mclord Ice Impraim, he revealed that he will, together with his partner Haruna SIEDU ZOREE, soon release more COVID-19 educational short films as part of his social responsibilities to mother Ghana.

Mclord Ice Impraim is a Principal Director of the Most powerful Ghanaian horror film ‘The Awaken,’ ‘The Box’ and has directed many documentaries to his credit.




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