First Lady of Brazil, Rev. Dr Ock SOO Park, Hon Ebenezer Kojo Kum, Minister For Chieftancy And Religious Affairs Launched “The Hoe To Overcome The Fear Of Covid-19 Project”

The long-awaited “HOPE TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF COVID 19 PROJECT” was duly launched by H. E. Michelle Bolsonaro, First Lady Of Brazil, Rev. Dr Ock Soo Park, Hon. Ebenezer Kojo Kum, Minister For Chieftaincy And Religious Affairs on the 7th May 2021 at the Tang Palace Hotel. The conference witnessed the participation of about 100 Media houses who participated both online and offline and are currently circulating the good news from the project.  

The project presented first-hand information on the preparations and content for the GRAND BIBLE CRUSADE dated 11th to 15th of May, 2021. This life-sustaining programme is expected to play host to over two (2) billion people participating both online and offline, presenting hope through the word of God during the 5-day power-packed programme.   

Reverend Ock Soo Park, the Founder of Good News Mission and Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF), said as many people lost their jobs, fear and hopelessness had engulfed their hearts and minds. This crisis, he said, highlighted the need for urgent action to cushion the pandemic’s health and economic consequences, protect vulnerable populations, and set the stage for lasting recovery, hence the launch of the above project to replace hopelessness with hope and faith.

In attendance through zoom were Herman Bailey of the CTN USA, Stuart Freeman from the UK, Roger Leon Jimenez Director of Enlance TV and Yan Volkov Sergeevic –Director of TBN Russia. Present in person were Rev. Dr Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie, the General Superintendent, of the Free Methodist Church in Ghana, Rev. Young Jun Moon, the Director-General of CLF, Rev. Ato Edwin the General Secretary of CLF Ghana among many others strongly advocated for partnership with the media to propagate the spread of the hope message to the world.

The rationale for the “HOPE TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF COVID 19”

The world’s economies are on their knees following the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic over the past 13 months. A growing number of researches has been conducted on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on developed countries with little attention on developing countries, who are still grappling with the negative impact of the coronavirus.

The crisis highlights the need for urgent action to cushion the pandemic’s health and economic consequences, protect vulnerable populations, and set the stage for lasting recovery. These highlights have been given attention by many famous Men and Servants of God around the globe. This has encouraged partnership between most of the Christian related associations to form a common front of singing hope for the whole world through using THE GRAND BIBLE CRUSADE as a tool to achieve this noble objective.  
The front liner organisations are Good News Broadcasting Systems and Christian Leaders Fellowship -USA. With the patronage of Rev. Ock Soo Park, 620, 000 Pastors with two (2) billion participants from more than 94 countries, over 600 media houses are ready as partners to project this project of restoring hope in the hearts of many.

The Bible Seminar was held every year in major cities nationwide and countries around the world, starting with the Busan Mugunghwa Hall Seminar in 1986.

In particular, “The Secret of forgiveness of sin and being born again” which translated the sermon of the first seminar into a book, is a bestseller published in 24 languages and sold 1.3 million copies, which is a guide to faith for many people. The Seminar, which turned online in 2020 due to the global spread of the Coronavirus infection (Covid-19), was broadcast by 276 TV and radio broadcasters in May and 655 in October, drawing attention as “The Bible Seminar giving the message of hope to the World in the time of COVID 19.”

Famous Christian channels such as CTN, TBN and Enlace reported Pastor Ock Soo Park’s sermon and ministry, and CTN, the largest Christian channel in North America, has been broadcasting Pastor Ock Soo Parks of hope ‘The lectures on the book of John.

Online Bible Seminar Overview      
 Date: Tuesday 11th ~15th (Saturday) Morning 10:30, Evening 7:30
Method: On-line (ZOOM, TV, broadcasting, Youtube live broadcasting GNMWCA etc.)
Translation: Five simultaneous translations (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian) Simultaneous interpretation of local languages in 29 countries

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