Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines Welcome Postponement Of CTN Policy

Emmanuel Kofi Nti - Commissioner General GRA

Some Freight forwarders, shipping lines and the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana have welcomed the Ghana Revenue Authority’s decision to postpone the implementation of the Cargo Traffic Note (CTN) policy to 15th October, 2018.
The policy, which was expected to be rolled out on September 1, 2018, has been postponed to October 15, 2018.
The postponement comes on the back of several protests and strikes by the Joint Committee of Freight Forwarder Associations.
They halted the payment of duty to the Customs Division of the GRA from Monday 27th August, 2018 to Wednesday 29th August to register their displeasure against the policy.
But the GRA on Thursday, 30th September, 2018 issued a public notice to announce the postponement.
The notice which was signed by the Commissioner-General of the GRA, Emmanuel Kofi Nti said: “following consultations between government and key stakeholders, the Commissioner-General wishes to inform the Trading Public, Importers, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines and other stakeholders that the effective date for the implementation of the Cargo Tracking Notes has been rescheduled to 15th October 2018.
“The postponement of the implementation date is to allow for the following:
a. More consultation and sensitization of all stakeholders with the view to build and deepen understanding and consensus;
b. To address all concerns raised by the Trading Community before the new date of the implementation of the CTN.
The Commissioner-General also announced the following:
a. There will be no fees or charges applicable to importers or shippers in Ghana or elsewhere associated with the implementation of the CTN now or in the future.
b. Any fees charged to any importer so far in association with the implementation of the CTN will be reimbursed by the Ghana Revenue Authority
c. The Ghana Revenue Authority will inform all shippers abroad from today that the “No CTN No Load” policy is rescheduled until October 15th.
“The Commissioner-General takes this opportunity to express his gratitude to all stakeholders for their cooperation,” the notice added.
Following this announcement, the trading community as well as the shipping lines have welcomed the decision.
The Vice President of the Ship Owners and Agents Association of Ghana (SOAAG) Moro Ayana says the announcement has brought relieve to shipping lines.
The Executive Secretary of Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, Samspon Asaki thanked the President for taking that bold decision to suspend the CTN policy.
He said businesses are ready to engage Customs on the way forward.
The District President of the Customs Brokers Association of Ghana, Emmanuel Gadzepko called for the total abrogation of the CTN since it will only increase the cost of doing business in the country.

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