From Spiritual Diplomacy to Golden Alliances: HRH Adama Djata and King Oyanka’s Bold Mining Initiative

In a notable development, HRH Adama Djata and King Oyanka have initiated gold mining operations within their kingdom. This collaboration follows their extensive efforts in establishing over 42 temples worldwide under the Okonfo Atchingali Temple State, garnering recognition and support from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The journey began in May 2021 when Laremy Wade, known as Nii Adama Djata after his enstoolment as Norya Mantse, was acknowledged for his contributions to technology and spirituality. Under the leadership of Nii Anumle Oyanka I, King Oyanka, both leaders embarked on a spiritual campaign, establishing ancestral temples in seven countries with the assistance of Priestess Osunyimika.

Their humanitarian efforts extended beyond spiritual diplomacy, earning King Oyanka the role of a U.N. Delegate for the Montessori Children’s Education sector. As they virtually attended international forums, including the Rebuilding Ukraine U.N. Forum, their impact on a global scale became increasingly apparent.

Now, HRH Adama Djata and King Oyanka have ventured into the realm of gold mining. The collaboration agreement, signed on December 16, 2023, outlines the partnership between HRH Adama Djata, Financial Minister for Anamase Kingdom, and Ga Ameri Plus Company Limited, a Ghana entity with 285,000 ounces of gold reserves.

The key provisions of the agreement include:

1. HRH Adama Djata partnering with King Oyanka, Director, and Founder of Ga Ameri Plus Company Limited.
2. HRH Adama Djata being added as a director and partner for the gold mine entity Ga Ameri with the Registrar General of Ghana.
3. King Oyanka offering a small-scale mine in partnership to HRH Adama Djata.
4. HRH Adama Djata investing $20,000 into King Oyanka’s small-scale mine.
5. All percentage returns from the gold mines, after taxes, will be allocated to HRH Adama Djata for the Kingdom’s agenda and the Royal Councils and OAT state.

The collaboration agreement spans five years, automatically renewing for successive one-year periods unless terminated by either party under specified conditions.

As they embark on this new venture, HRH Adama Djata and King Oyanka continue to blend their spiritual and humanitarian efforts, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

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