Gambia Port Authority Learn From Operations Of GDCL

Plans are afoot for the Gambia Port Authority to establish a well-functioning Dock Labour Company at the Port of Banjul.

In this light, a Gambian delegation comprising management personnel of the Gambia Port Authority, Dockworkers, and officials from their local Maritime Labour Union, has embarked on a study tour to the Port of Tema to observe how the Ghana Dock Labour Company functions.

The General Manager in Charge of Corporate Planning at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Samuel Ntow-Kummi briefed the delegation on the origins of the Labour Company, as well as the advantages and challenges of such an establishment.

He opined that “GDLC was registered as a limited liability company and supposed to operate as a non-profit organization so that any money obtained would be ploughed back into the business to enhance operations and improve the welfare of the workers. It was done with a lot of support from GPHA such as office accommodation and the provision of training.”

The Managing Director of the Ghana Dock Labour Company, Elisha Odoom further touched on the organisational structure, and operations of GDLC including the expansion of the company’s portfolio beyond port work.

He said, “we have another branch in Takoradi with over four thousand work force ranging from dockers, to machine operators to office staff, data entry and tally clerks among others. It has also become a conduit that GPHA also recruits.”  

The representatives of the Gambia Port Authority said the study tour will help create a roadmap for the implementation of a Dock Labour Scheme in their country.

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