Gay Rights Activist Faces Threats Of Death From Aboabo Youth

Enraged residents of Aboabo in the Ashanti Region have declared war on a 27 year old suspected gay rights activist, Safowan Awudu.

Residents, especially the youth have launched an attack on Safowan Awudu who they believe has been vehemently advocating for the rights and freedoms of homosexuals in Ghana even though the Country has made its stance to reject the practice.

They averred that the area is a Muslim-dominated community and that Islam also frowns on homosexuality hence, they as residents and Ghanaians are ready to smoke out any individual or group of persons who would be found to have any links with the gay community.

The Residents described Safowan Awudu is “evil” for practicing and trying to entice the people especially the youth of Aboabo into homosexuality.

“We can’t accommodate someone like this in our community. We are all aware that our culture frowns on LGBTQI,” they said.

They said Safowan had been secretly preaching against the ill treatments and discrimination against LGBTQ persons in the country and that the youth of the community have warned her on several occasions to desist from the act but he paid no heed to their warnings.

His house was raided by the residents who stormed the place wielding machetes, stones, sticks and other offensive weapons, claiming that Safowan’s love for gays was drawing the Aboabo Township into public ridicule.

It is indeed a common knowledge that the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo declared that Ghana will not accept and practice homosexuality.

Other African countries have also frowned upon LGBTQI practice and consider it illegal.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Safowan Awudu, he admitted to being a bisexual; adding that as a result of this the residents have been threatening and asking him to relocate from the area.

“I have been receiving life-threatening phone calls and messages.”

“I’m terrified of living in this country CT and v CT in Aboabo because life is getting unbearably difficult for me. They have raided my house all in their attempt to kill me,” he said.

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