Gbugblah Youth Chief donates to Teshie Community Clinic to climax clean up Exercise

Original Nii Martey Laryea I, The Oblahiaa Manste(Youth Chief) of Teshie Gbugblah on Saturday 6th March 2021 donated sets of Gloves, Wheelchairs among other first aide pieces of equipment to the Teshie Community Clinic to help the management of the clinic in their operations.

A cleanup exercise was held as part of Nii Martey’s efforts of giving back to the residents in the community.

The cleanup exercise was under the auspices of the acting Atofotse, the Oblahia Mantse and the assembly member for the Akro West Electoral Area.

Speaking to the section of journalists after the historic clean up exercise, Original Nii Martey Leayea I expressed gratitude to God Almighty for making it possible for thousands of people to gather for the exercise.

“First of all, I would like to thank God for seeing us through to have a successful program, it is through him all became possible and secondly to those who came out in their numbers to help. My name is Original Nii Martey Laryea I, Oblahiaa Manste of Teshie Gbuglah quarter. After my enstoolment, I met with my elders and developmental issues was discussed before I didn’t use to visit the community more often but after my enstoolment, it became essential for me to visit the community regularly. The people of the community come to me to complain about the problems they face in the neighbourhood”.
“My visit to them was to take a glimpse at the problems they raised. Upon my arrival in the community, I realized the gutters in the community were all choked and some of the houses do not have bathrooms. The few houses with bathrooms did not have any proper outlet for the water after bathing so the water usually flows in other people’s houses and rooms which they did not care”.

“The elders and I surveyed the community to see the problems they are facing and we realized that the work to be done is not a one day job but a project which will take time. So I bought some ‘PVC pipes’ to connect the pipes from the houses with bathrooms to the gutter. We dug pits to bury the pipes. Sometime after the project, I have been informed the gutters were choked so I went back to the community to check and from the pictures taken you can see that it was choked”.

He said about three weeks ago, I had a meeting with the elders and we decided that 6th March 2021 is a holiday and everyone is home so we sought help from the people in the community to come out in their numbers so that we can collect the waste causing the block in the gutters.

In my first interview, I said whenever there is a cholera outbreak, Teshie is affected the most but the situation is getting better now due to the work we have done and if we continue to work like this we will not have any problem with cholera and other diseases again. The toilet facilities he noted are not enough so the people in the community usually defecate by the seashore. We visited the homes closest to the sea and spoke to them about it and I told them I have heard of a new type of toilet facility which is affordable which I want us to establish for them. I have spoken to the assembly members and the presiding members too so that later when we send our cry to them they will understand Original said.

Nii Martey Laryea further advised the people of Teshie to stop defecating in the gutters and seashore and pledged to share dustbins to the various households starting from 7th March 2021 so that they can be used as refuse collectors to ensure bad sanitation in Teshie become a practice if the past.

“I am making arrangements with waste management experts, Zoomlion Ghana Limited to take their waste and I will pay for the services. He, therefore, urged the people to try their best to keep the community clean so that it benefits all to give Teshie a good, name, not a bad one; Nii Martey Laryea I concluded.

The Presiding Member of LEKMA, Mr Richard Ayerh Anang in his address after the cleanup exercise commended Nii Martey Laryea I for coming up with such a laudable initiative to ensure the residents under his stewardship stay away from sickness.

“Refuses has been packed by the residents here which is very bad to their health because it can cause many sicknesses. We saw the needful aspect of gathering all the refuse corrected from the gutter to a refuse correct Centre”.

He furthermore stated the Lekma Assembly will collaborate with the office of Nii Martey Laryea I to find a lasting solution to the sanitation disputes in the area.

Hon Tahiru, Chairman of the EnvironmentalCommittee At LEKMA, described as a unifier, life changer, super idol. With his leadership style, I can tell you he will change the face of Teshie.

“Gone are the days when people used to tag Teshie as a cholera spot zone but under the watch of Nii Martey and continuous cleanup exercises the story will change; he added.

The Assemblymember of the Akro West Electoral Mr Felix Adjetey Sowah on his part showered praises on Original Nii Martey Laryea I for bringing the youth together and accordingly appealed to the residents of Teshie to work together to ensure sanitation within the catchment becomes achievable.

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