GEPA/GIPC Seminar Calls For Companies To Grow Export And Utilize Opportunities Created At Ghana’s Ports

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority GEPA in partnership with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre GIPC has held a day’s seminar on quality standards of Ghana’s export in order to make them acceptable in the global market.

The seminar which brought together stakeholders from the export trade arena, SMEs trade, stakeholders and experts focused on challenges confronting export trade in Ghana.

A Director of Economic Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khadija Iddrisu said moving forward as a country there is the need to overcome the situation where vessels dock in our various ports discharges goods and go back empty without loading any goods back.

“Our containers come to the port and then they go back free. Our principals are saying no to that. We want to empower the captains of our industry, the private sector to be able to add value to whatever raw material we have and to export for the good of each and every one of us,” she said.

Ghanaian Businesses were charged to take advantage of the impending Tema Port expansion project and many other facilities being made available by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority including lower tariffs on export to grow the export sector.

The seminar provided a platform for the exchange of ideas in ensuring a robust export sector for Ghana.

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