GHAMOSA Is Key To Foster Morocco – Ghana Cooperation – Mr. Abdou Soulèye Diop

Managing Partner of Mazars Audit & Conseil and President of the Africa Commission of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises-CGEM, Mr. Abdou Soulèye DIOP has stated emphatically that.

 Speaking at the official launch of 10th Anniversary of the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA), the revered former student of Mrocco from Senegal, who is also in charge of strengthening economic relations between Morocco and its partners in the continent said, ‘’I have been involved in many things seeing Peter, President of the Association working on the South-South Cooperation and the regional integration. That is very great because to build the Africa we want it is important to really create bridges between countries. Often we have big issue which is the segregation we do between French speaking, English speaking, Spanish speaking Africaians. Between Morocco and Ghana that is good example of how we need to create South-South cooperation between countries perhaps that are not from the same culture, the same language, between countries which has real synergies to build’’

‘’Today I am part of the Moroccan private sector and we think that in the context of African continental free trade Area, there are a lot of cooperations to build between Morocco and Ghana. Today as I use to say when you see how for example the first import of Ghana was the car industry and how Morocco was the first car producer in the continent, yet there is no trade between the two countries in this sector. That means there are a lot to do and for that it is important to have actors like GHAMOSA, because they are persons who have been in Morocco and know the Moroccan culture and know very well Ghana. They are the main persons who can really help to build and transform this cooperation in a mutual useful economic copperation and for that I am really grateful for GHAMOSA to be part of this day’’ he emphasized.

The Ghana Morocco Old Students Association has been running for the past ten years. The Association has embarked on several impactful activities to promote South-South Cooperation and enchance regional integration. Among them are the 8th Africa Student-Youth Summit held in Morocco under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Educational Conferences, Network Forums, Pan-African Sports Festivals and other international events which they organise in partnership with other associations of former students of Morocco in other African countries.

‘’As they are inviting people, organising events and creating momentum of cooperation, the next step is to see how to foster these efforts. To foster these efforts, I will recommend three main steps. The first step is to get Ghanaian students who are today in Morocco and others who have finished their studies to join the Moroccan companies that are growing across the continent and specifiically in Ghana. The second step I recommend is that, as GHAMOSA members know very well what is happening in both Morocco and Ghana, they have to identify the business opportunities that can benefit Ghanaian and Moroccan companies. The last step is that, the former students should become Amdassadors of the South-South Cooperation between Ghana and Morocco, because they are the best players that can do that’’ he added.

Mr. Abdou Soulèye DIOP who joined the event virtually from the airport, indicated that though had a  very tight schedule, it was very important for him to be part of the launch. He thanked the association for inviting him and conglatulated GHAMOSA for the event and all the events they have benn organizing since ten years’’

‘’Eventhough I am in the airport going to catch a plane, I really wanted to share some thought with all of you because I think that organizations like GHAMOSA are key to really foster cooperation between African countries and specifically between Morocco and Ghana’’ he concluded.

The 10th Anniverssary official launch was organized under the theme ’’Together building the Africa we want, our sacred legacy’’. The event was chaired by His Excellency Ambassador Johnathan Rexford Magnusen, Ghana’s Ambassador to Niger. Other dignitaries who honoured the occasion were the Deputy Moroccan Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Abderrahim Cherrab, Honourable George Abou Gontor, Liberia’s Deputy Minister of Energy, who is also a former student of Morocco, Mr. Amidu Mohammed Karande, Ghana’s Minister Counselor to USA.

Some eminent former Students of Morocco from different part of Africa also joined the event to share their expertise and experience with the participants. They include Mrs. Taiwo Mise Olawole of Nigeria, Diplomat and Author, Mr. Makan Doucoure of Guinea, Entrepreneur and President of Association de Laureats Entrangers du Maroc and Captain Jamaldeen Tonzua ESQ, MPP Candidate at University of Oxford, UNEP-Georgetown Law Fellow, United Nations International Law Fellow, Legal Officer & Captain of the Ghana Armed Forces.

The association will be joined by Presidents and members of other Morocco former students Associations from over ten African countries in November to crown the celebration of the anniversary with a mega honorary ceremony at Holiday Inn Hotel in honour of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, His Excellency President John Akyekum Kufuor, Former President of Ghana, Former Ghana Ambassadors to Morocco and other stakeholders of Ghana-Morocco relations.


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