Ghana needs a proper drainage system –Oscarpak Boss.

The Chief Executive Officer of Oscarpak Enterprise, Mr Oscar Paul Ankomah has said, ghana as a country needs a re-engineered drainage system and waterways to avert a major disaster in the future.

He said it does not speak well of a country like ghana getting flooded after few hours of rain.

According to him, the cities drainage systems must be enhanced to accommodate the growing population, while its rivers and swamps needed to be properly channelled, to reduce flooding.

Me Ankomah added that dredging of Obaw river in the capital every year is not the best solution rather creating more drainage in the city is the best solution.

“I’m sure we are yet to experience more rainstorms and losing lives and properties been destroyed after two to three hours of rain is not good for the country I must say. I think the government must consider re-engineering a proper drainage system to save lives and properties. I appreciate the work done on the Odaw River in Accra but we can not continue to repeat the same thing forever. Accra is a low-land that need more drainages to allow free flow of water”.

He said the majority of flooding was man-made, and thus communities must help en waterways were cleared building structures.

“One thing I also observed that cause this flood is building on waterways, the government have demolished all these structures to allow free flow of the water”.

He, therefore, called on the citizen to stop littering stuff about especially plastic waste which will end up in the gutters and the drainages.

Concluding that sanitation is a shared responsibility, hence everyone must help the government to achieve its agenda ‘Clear Ghana’. 

Earlier in June this year, the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Francis Asenso-Boakye has disclosed that the government has spent over GH¢400 million on drainage works over the last two years.

The project, he said, formed part of the agenda to open up Ghana’s drainage system for the free flow of water running through the culverts and watercourses in the country.

It is in line with efforts to address the perennial flooding emanating from the poor drainage system with its associated negative consequences on lives and property.

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