Ghana Police Under Pressure, Blamed For Rise In Vigilantism & Vandalism

The crusade and convener for Youth Empowerment Summit   Mr Clement Adjei has hit hard at the Ghana Police Service over their relaxed posture in dealing squarely with perpetrators of vigilantism and vandalism in the country.

  The die-hard and outspoken crusader hit the nail right on the head without fear or favour that Ghana Police Service is largely to be blamed for the astronomic rise in vigilantism and vandalism witnessed by the country currently which according to him stands as a great threat to national security and cohesion.

“Ghana Police service and leadership inertia across the political divide must be blamed for the festering upsurge in vigilantism and vandalism”, he underscored during an exclusive dialogue with this reporter.

      The security faculty in question he further indicated has failed all Ghanaians since they have until now not been able to  disband vigilante groups as promised by them on many occasions.”…just as the proverbial saying, once the rain is over nothing becomes of the promise” he noted.

   Premised on the foregoing, Mr Clement Adjei holds doubt about the instrumentality and effectiveness of the police service and for that matter the leadership, questioning if Ghana police personnel has become a toothless bulldog or has fallen under the sway of politicians.

    As an immediate control, police service he sharply challenged must wean itself of political control and influence in order to act professionally in dealing with vigilantism across board.

   “Criminal offenses should be dealt with  without fear or favour since crime has no political colour or personality” he underlined. Until the police service is completely able to discharge its core mandate of ensuring law and order and protecting life and property, no Ghanaian should feel safe. “Any act of vigilantism must be handled without any form of massaging or leniency.

   “The Ghana Police service must necessarily assent its authority as the only national security agency responsible for enforcing law and order. In that regard, all ‘para security’ and parallel security forces or groups must be disbanded and declared illegal with immediate effect” he said.

Story, Rev Enock Akonnor,Kumasi

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