Ghana post GPS is fraud Ayariga

The founder and leader of the All Peoples Congress, Dr. Hassan Ayariga has said the so-called undisputed Ghana Post GPS is fraud and a way to create loot and share.

He stated that the National Digital Property Addressing System to provide a unique address for all properties in Ghana was launched recently in Ghana by the competent Dr. Mahamodu Bawumia erroneously claiming it has leapfrogged the USA, Germany, UK and Sweden.

This he said is no achievement especially when it is another plagiarism that cost the tax payers over GH 11.6 million.

“Most IT expect who examined the fraudulent leapfrogging app said it was a free app on google app store yet our Vice President, the most prudent finance expect has gone to buy this free app. Is it an achievement to buy something that is not for sale? Is it not fraud to claim to have bought something which is dashed to you free?” He asked.

He stated that this government in ten months in office have borrowed several millions of dollars but can’t point to any tangible achievement and the government has not initiated any new relevant project but rather the ones began by the previous regime.

The “Asempa” budget he said couldn’t pay DKM customers, couldn’t build a single hospital, couldn’t build a single school, couldn’t construct a kilometer of road, couldn’t reduce light and water bills, couldn’t reduce import duties, couldn’t reduce fuel prices, couldn’t pay workers on time, couldn’t create jobs for unemployed Ghanaians and the budget couldn’t continue all the infrastructure projects initiated by the National Democratic Congress [NDC].

Dr. Hassan Ayariga further revealed that the best way to get more employment opportunities for graduates is to expand the Ghanaian economy by investing hugely in infrastructure adding that Kenya and America are both investing in infrastructure.

“Upon the massive borrowing by this government they have not even built one classroom yet let alone construct a single consulting room. They are touting unsustainable transient engagements which cannot even generate minimum wages he noted.

Story by Muhammad Faisal Mustapha

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