Ghanaian Security Cautioned To Be On High Alert

By; Robert  Ayanful

Ghanaian security, especially the Military and Immigration have been cautioned to be on high alert against any insurgence group, particularly at a time that the country is going into major elections in Dec. this year, and also at a time that some unscrupulous individuals in the Volta Region are trying to break away from the country to form their own country.

These unscrupulous individuals are alleged to have designed their own national flag, currency and even said to have trained some men as its soldiers.

The caution was given by the Swedru Area Head of the Voice of the Lord Evangelical Church, Rev. Samuel Temeng in a prophecy during a church service on Christmas Day.

He disclosed that some insurgence group are planning to capitalize on these two major events, the elections and the Volta incidents to infiltrate into the country and cause mayhem to mar its peace.

He said the challenge now lies on the shoulders of the Military to be adequately prepared to deal with any such group, as well as the Immigration to ensure that any person who enters the country through any of its borders is thoroughly scrutinize.

He further cautioned that from Jan. 1, security should be tightened at any public gathering where mass people will congregate.

This concern was also shared by the Agona Asafo branch minister of the Resurrection Baptist Church of the Ghana Baptist Convention, Rev. Abraham T.K. Sanniez in a New Year message on the theme: ‘’Recipe for Growing Your Faith.’’

He said though Ghana has enjoyed relative peace for all this while as compared to its neihbouring countries, he however noted that this peace cannot be taken for granted, considering the planned break-away by some hooligans in the Volta Region, coupled with the up-coming general elections.

He later described 2019 as a good year despite the harsh economic situation and assured that 2020 will be a year of hope.

In a related development, both the Agona Swedru branch minister of the Apostles’Continuation Church, Rev. Emmanuel Asante and an Elder of the Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith Church at Agona Asafo, Albert Inkoom have advised Ghanaians, especially the youth to refrain from engaging in any acts that has the potential of marring the country’s peace during the 2020 elections.

According to them, the peace enjoyed in the country cannot be compromised, and there is therefore the need to guard against any acts that will destroy it.

They have also advised politicians to desist from using the youth to engage in violent acts to achieve their parochial interest.

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