Ghanaian Star Ziggy Ansah Never Forgets His Roots

One of the most talented and humble players of his or any generation, 28-year-old Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah returns to ESPN to Monday Night Football for a unique journey as he takes the ESPN crew to Ghana for the first ever American Football Camp in Africa.
Ghanaian born Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah returned to Accra, Ghana during the off-season to launch the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation and also conduct the first-ever American Football Camp in Africa. With the help of sponsors Nike, Forever Young Foundation, The Detroit Lions, Riddell and the Mel Farr Foundation, the camp was able to bring together 500 young people from local communities and all walks of life, to play the sport that Ziggy fell in love with in the USA.
Ziggy comes from humble beginnings. With hard work, dedication and support from family and friends, Ziggy was able to capitalize on an opportunity to come to the United States to further his education and pursue his athletic dreams, eventually becoming one of the most successful Defensive Ends in the National Football League.
Throughout his journey, while Ziggy has been grateful for all the opportunities that he has received, he has always known that the key to his accomplishments lies within him.
Ziggy is passionate about giving back both to the community in Ghana that gave him his foundation as well as the community he has come to love in the US. The Ezekiel Ansah Foundation is a non-for profit organisation that strongly believes that with the right support and opportunity, they can steer youth on the right path and help them realize that they are, in fact, the answer to their own success.
On Monday 18th September 2017, on Countdown to Monday Night Football, ESPN broadcasted a special documentary “ZIGGY’S PRIDE” on Ziggy’s journey to give every young person the opportunity to succeed. The film, jointly commissioned by ESPN and the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation, follows the NFL football star and gets the real story behind the quiet man of the NFL.
Ziggy Ansah quoted, “One thing I have told myself is that I cant save the world, but if I am able to change the life of one kid….. I will be happy.”
You can watch the documentary ahead of the Lions v Giants on ESPN on Monday night from 8.30pm EST or listen to it live on WJR-AM (760; other radio affiliates). Giants have won four of past five meetings, including a 17-6 win Dec. 18 last season. Lions are 2-0 vs. Giants on Monday night.
To find out more about the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation, please visit the website Twitter: @theeafoundation Instagram: ezekielansahfoundation or follow Ziggy Ansah @Ziggy_Ansah on twitter and Instagram.
Source Sammy Heywood Okine

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