Ghana’s Richest DJ wants to buy TV3

DJ Azonto, Ghana’s richest disc jockey, has expressed his desire to purchase the media firm “Media General” in order to become one of Ghana’s top media moguls.

DJ Azonto is currently one of the most talked about music sensations following the release of his recent hit “Fa No Fom” which continues to make waves.

According to DJ Azonto, he has now caught all sorts of luxurious cars and is planning on buying the whole of Media General, including TV3.


“Right now, where I have reached, cars do not move me anymore, so I am thinking of buying TV3,” he told Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360.

The popular DJ also continued his money spraying spree at TV3’s studios, as he did recently on a TV show with award-winning female presenter Mona Gucci.

DJ Azonto, is set to release the music video for the “Fa No Fom” single, a video that was shot in Dubai.


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