Ghandour Cosmetics Medo – New Pocket Fragrance Introduced


Ghandour Cosmetics, with more than 20 years of presence in the Market has always been at the forefront for innovation and new product experiences for the local market. The company is consolidating the position as Ghana’s leading player in the cosmetics industry, and it’s again launching a product that is going to set a standard in the market.


Ghandour wanted to bring to the market a number of rich, floral, fruity and spicy fragrances, different courageous scents that transport you into a vast space filled with many tastes and colours.


An abundance of choices, for so many different types of personalities. The Medo scene is as vibrant as Ghana is: colorful, wild, diverse. As usual, affordable for Ghandour doesn’t mean less committed to quality: their affordability is allowed by the fact that they keep producing in the country caring about being in the heart of all Ghanaians with their products. Affordable and beautiful can go together.


Ghandour created a packaging with a minimal and modern design, together with an attention to the Ghanaian experience through the Adinkra symbols and the black, gold and red colours.


Encapsulating the very meaning of MEDO = MY LOVE, the campaign’s idea is revealed through a universal language, something that precisely like the fragrances can speak to people’s hearts without many words: a song. Ghandour is more and more convinced that the campaigns should not just be advertising, but also content that people can enjoy becoming more familiar with the products and the concept behind them. MED) is the perfect product for a love story that has been translated into a song and a music video. Ghandour partnered with two young talents yet to become known, for the original song, Emeka, and Bino. “We are proud to give a platform to upcoming artists, and for the same reasons for the video content, we partnered with one of the most promising and creative Production House in Ghana.” The Abstrakte team is about to premiere their first movie, “Lucky,” but they have already pleased the Ghanaian audience with music videos for upcoming artists like La Meme Gang and Ria Boss or more consolidated like Pappy Kojo or Efya. You will see more and more Ghandour brands engaging with young talents, new ideas for the next campaigns, more content that consumers can enjoy, even when they are not engaging directly with the product. The product will be immediately available in the market and then in other retail outlets.


THE PRODUCT: MEDO is build out of a mix of different fragrances, all with a top note, middle note and bottom note.

Male – MEDO Confident: Aromatic and citrus fragrance in combination with marine.

Male – MEDO Intense: Green and Fresh fragrance with bergamot and Jasmine.

Male – MEDO Seductive: Strong masculine fragrance with bergamot, vanilla and woody bottom notes.

Female – MEDO Independent: Fruity and Floral top and middle note, with kiwi, cupcake and white chocolate and a woody and musky bottom note.

Female – MEDO Brave: Fruity top note, floral middel notes and woody with vanilla bottom note.

Female – MEDO Passionate: Floral and fruity fragrance.

Unisex – MEDO Discover: Fresh and Floral, with Lavender and amber. Unisex – MEDO Experience: Floral top note, Caramel and woody middle note and oakmoss fragrances in the bottom note.

Unisex – MEDO Explore: Mix of a marine fragrance with fruity fragrance.


Story by Sammy Heywood Okine

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