Give Me Hope Foundation touches lives of physically challenged children

Children with disabilities are invisible and face many barriers including lack of awareness in the communities, insufficient skills, negative attitudes and stigma, poverty and a severe shortage of assistive devices and mobility aids.

They can and want to be productive members of society but are sometimes marginalized within society.

Give Me Hope Foundation donated wheelchairs, walking sticks, toiletries, food items to aid them in their daily living.

They are more likely to experience adverse socioeconomic challenges such as less education, poorer health, lower levels of employment and higher poverty rates than persons without disabilities.
During a campaign session to create awareness and disseminate messages on integrated protection to communities.

Wisdom Dordoe, CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation said, “Children with disabilities have very limited access to educational opportunities and face widespread discrimination.”

“I encourage all children with disabilities to learn in every way they can so that they can have productive lives in the future,” he added.

Dr Gloria Amegatcher, Vice President of Give Me Hope Foundation also said, “The project responds to the common and unique needs of women, girls, boys, and men that have emerged because of the humanitarian situation or who have been worsened by the ongoing COVID crisis. Special focus is placed on protection, gender, and disability inclusion that cut-across all activities ensuring safe and equal access.”

She encouraged parents who have abandoned their children because they are impaired to go back and show love to them. It’s never their wish to come to world like that.

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