Gloria Sarfo shed tears as she recalls her journey to fame

Popular Ghanaian actress and media personality, Gloria Osei Sarfo has recalled the battles she had to fight throughout her journey of becoming a successful actress and TV presenter.

She said, her journey to fame had not been as smooth as she was subjected to several dejection and humiliation from organisations and people she fell on for help.

The ‘Efiewura TV series’ actress recounts how the ‘higher ups’ in the movie industry tried to take advantage of her situation to exploit her at the early stages of her career.

She narrates her emotional story to Abeiku Santana on the ATUU show saying she was, “neglected, rejected, ignored and overlooked”.

The former host of TV3’s Music Music, recalls the number of times she went for auditions and was never selected, though she strongly believed she qualified.

“So I told myself, I won’t let all these rejections discourage me from pursuing my goals and I’ll do whatever I can to get there,” she disclosed.

Despite all the rejections, Gloria said she never thought of giving up because she was determined to be “on TV” and was prepared to go through the right process to achieve that goal.

Until she was appointed the host of Music Music on TV3, Gloria said she attended several auditions but was not selected.

“One day, I went for another audition and was rejected but before I left the premises of TV3, I told the building, ‘You’ll come looking for me one day’. I was so hurt because I knew very well that I deserved the job but was denied,” she revealed.

In the course of the conversation, what started as a joke turned emotional when Abeiku Santana asked the “Drama Queen” to demonstrate to him, how she’ll cry in a movie when asked to play such a role.

Gloria started on a humorous note but ended up shedding real tears as she reminisced her painful experience.

“When I think about how I started and how far God’s brought me, I know He’s done a lot for me. I’m thankful to God and those who supported me,” she tearfully said as Abeiku Santana consoled her with a hug.

She further advised budding actresses and presenters, particularly the ladies, to hold on to their principles, work hard and never give in to pressure from the big men just offered roles in a movie or a show to host.

Gloria Osei Sarfo is not just an actress. She is a TV presenter, an MC and a voice-over artiste.

She was a host of Music Music on TV3 and currently hosts Madhubala, an Indian TV series shown on Angel TV.


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