Gomoa Ofaso Organizes Home-Coming To Promote Development

The people of Gomoa Ofaso in the Central Region have ended a 3-Day Home-Coming summit with a call on indigenes of the town to contribute to the construction of a public place of convenience and a communication center.

According to organizers of the summit Mr. Kwame Mensah Abrompa and Mr. Peter Nyarkoh, the organization of the programme was as a result of the failure to celebrate the annual Akwambo festival for seven years, following a dispute between the Royal Twidan family, who are the kingmakers, and the Chief of the town, Nana Otuaba Ahemako IV.

They said the non-celebration of the festival has stifled the town of basic developmental projects, hence the need for the organization of a home-coming summit to bring the people on board to develop the town.

By. Robert Ayanful

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