Graduates and Professionals of Ga-Dangme Holds Maiden Meeing

Former Attorney General and president of the Ga-Dangme Council, Mr Ayikoi Otoo, has said unity had been a big problem among Ga-Dangmes both in politics and traditional settings.
This, he said, was worrying since a community like Ga-Dangme having more than one chief due to disunity among the king makers.
Addressing the maiden meeting of Graduates and Professionals of Ga-Dangme (GPGD, Mr Ayikoi Otoo said “it is also worrying us in our politics; we are dividing ourselves with it; siblings and relatives are fighting each other because of the political parties they belong to, while they do not get any positions from it.”
According to him, education is very important in every human setting and that when majority of the people were educated, it helped in alleviating some of the problems, and urged the GPGD members to remain as shining examples to others in the Ga State.
“When there is unity and one voice among the Ga-Dangmes, they will be a force to be reckoned with, and their opinions will be sought on national issues and beyond,” he said.
He lauded the graduates for coming together to find solutions to the issues bedeviling the Ga State and position the community well.
Mr Emmanuel Obodai, the President of the Graduates and Professionals of Ga-Dangme, in his speech indicated that the Group was to set up to help unite its members to effect the anticipating change in the Ga-Dangme State.
He said, “It’s truly inspiring to see how far we have come since the inception of Graduates and Professionals of Ga-Dangme almost a year ago. With over 426 members ranging from Doctorate holders to HND holders, we have built workforce pool that we can rely upon. This diverse membership represents a wealth of talent and expertise that we can leverage to drive positive change in our community. Each member brings something valuable on the table, That is, specialized knowledge, professional skills, or a unique perspective.”
He said: “The question then is, how do we achieve this? The answer lies within each one of us here and outside. With just a little effort and commitment, we have the power to make a tremendous impact and restore our community to its rightful position of prominence and prosperity.”
According to him, Politicians and Chiefs/queen mothers, must change the narrative by supporting their people to acquire higher learnings and secure decent job opportunities, stressing that it was important that they confront challenges head-on: despite the wealth of resources and opportunities present in our beloved Ga-Dangme region, many of their people still struggle to find employment and are trapped in devastating poverty.
“As we continue to grow and evolve, let’s remember the power we hold collectively. Together, we have the potential to make a significant impact and uplift our people. Let’s use this potential and work together to create a brighter future for GGa-Dangmes,” he said.
Also on his part, Nene Ogah Osuagbo I, Chief of Great Ametafor in the Osudoku Traditional Area, chairing the meeting, called for the branding of the culture and traditions of the Ga-Dangme people to attract tourists into the area and turn it into revenue-generating activities.
He said branding the culture for tourism is the ultimate for poverty eradication, explaining that now communal resources were no longer in place in the communities as they used to be, therefore the need to consciously create some, and encouraged them to engage in politics to the highest level, stating that “it is political power that has taken over all the lands of the Ga-Dangmes; therefore, their failure to go into it would deprive their communities of their rightful inheritance.”
Nene Ogah Osuagbo I said politics and policies were something that people must not run away from, because it was what society dwelt on for decision making in every aspect of life including financial and developmental issues.
The theme for the meeting was “Embracing Unity: Ga-Dangme Graduates and Professionals forge ahead.”



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