Habitual Sierra Leonean Stowaway, Nabbed In Tema For The Second Time

A 36 Sierra Leonean stowaway, Aminu Sesay has been nabbed after trying to escape at the Tema Port, where the vessel he was on board sought to disembark him.

He revealed that he felt threatened by the possible ramifications of his actions and tried escaping the vessel by the help of local fishermen at the Tema Port anchorage.

“This particular incident was disturbing as the stowaway escaped from the ship. He escaped through a help of local fishermen but upon the boat reaching our anchorage we intercepted him,” Port Security Manager, Col Joseph Malik Punamane revealed.

According to the Tema Port Security Manager, the Serra Leonean has attempted stowing away 13 times, without success, adding that, this is the second time he has been disembarked at the Tema Port where he was consequently repatriated to his home country of Sierra Leone.

“This is his second time been arrested at the Tema Port and has attempted stowing away 13 times,” he disclosed.

Col Punamane quoted that illegal immigration through stowaway is not a profitable venture but one characterised by too many dangers to life.

“If you want to do any illegal immigration you will harm yourself. In Northern Africa we see boats capsizing and so many people dying. It is good to be home so let’s try and manage at home,” he stated.

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