Help Reach Out To The Less Privileged – Mary Awuni Appeals For Support

One of Ghana’s most promising Actress to watch out for, Mary Awuni with a Showbiz name Lady 1, is embarking on a charity project to help support the less privileged children in the Western Region.

Lady 1 Foundation, a Non-Governmental organization (NGO) which has the vision of building the educational capacity of children in deprived communities across the country will hold its maiden support project at Aggreyso a village in Asankragwa in the Western Region of Ghana on March 30, 2021.

The project according to Mary Awuni, Founder of Lady 1 Foundation, is the Foundation’s efforts in supporting government’s energies in achieving quality education in Ghana, especially in less deprived communities.

She averred that the Project is to support less privileged and needy children in the deprived community and by extension, across the country.

According to Mary Awuni, since this is the Foundation’s maiden Project, she is seeking support to help make the donation a success.

She mentioned that it is not the duty of government alone to provide for its citizens and that it is also part of one’s Godly duty to give to the poor and the underprivileged.

She said, “Thousands of children, women and youths around the globe are faced with many harsh realities that undermine their growth and ability to learn and become useful in the communities they live in. Child trafficking, child labour, violence, loss of family, war, abuse, poverty and illiteracy are some of the plagues that affect them in their daily lives. It is time the privileged extend a helping hand to these people especially children for they are the future.”

“Your support helps provide educational support, clothing and food to more deprived children and better hygiene for them in rural communities,” she said.

Her life as an Actress

Mary Awuni popularly called Lady 1 in Showbiz circles is one of Ghana’s most promising Actress to watch out for.

She is building up her career in Acting to the admiration of many prominent Directors who expressed confidence in her acting skills believing she is likely to take the industry by storm.

She was supposed to feature in “April Fool” Movie shoot directed by McLord Ice as one of the leading supporting actress.

However, she was held up in Dubai during the COVID-19 Lockdown amid Airport restrictions.

Mary Awuni (Lady 1) is an Award Winning Actress, sweeping the Best Western Actress at the Western Showbiz Awards 2018.

She has the passion to ensure the welfare of children and hence the establishment of her Foundation which she hopes would help her achieve her mission of impacting positively on the lives of children.

Mary Awuni (Lady 1) is so far receiving tremendous support from McLord Ice a Movie Director, a Ghanaian UK Based Movie Director, William Edwards, CEO and Founder, Global Black Film Consortium who is billed to shoot a movie in Ghana in April this year, and actor Francis Andoh among other celebrity actors and actresses on her project.


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