HER Venture HUB Launches Global Campaign to Empower Women

HER Venture HUB, a women-centric social initiative empowering women to drive change for an Equitable, Diverse and Peaceful world, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop the “HER Resources” online platform.

This platform will provide essential tools, future-proof skills, high-value resources, knowledge, and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship, leadership, and the modern workforce worldwide.
With contributions from experts around the world, the “HER Resources” platform will feature content developed by leading minds from prestigious universities like LSE, Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, and NOVA. It will also incorporate learnings from major organizations such as the EU EIC, Google, Mindfire, Siemens, and MoneyGram.
“For too long, women have faced systemic barriers to achieve their full potential in life, finances, and in business,” said the HER Venture HUB founding team, Luisa Baltazar and Rute Frade. “Our platform of Resources aims to tear down those barriers by providing universally accessible, expert-led resources that arm women with future-proof skills. This way, we will provide an invaluable competitive advantage to these women along with empowerment and well-being.”

The team leading this initiative are seasoned experts, who have been active contributors to social causes for decades and with plenty of corporate and governmental experience to back it up. As founders, and as successful women entrepreneurs who have walked the path themselves, they strongly believe that “organizations, science and tech, society, the world and our future generations have immensely to gain from the valuable re-skilling and up-skilling of all women, especially if in strategic and risk-free decision making. Everyone stands to gain, directly and indirectly from this high-value resources platform, support, and ecosystem.”

The Founder and CEO, Luisa Baltazar, added that “having the backup of all the embassies and global partners that we have is yet another advantage of high-level access to other markets and to cross-cultural exchange of insights and know-how at a global scale.”

The campaign aims to raise funds to create and develop content and resources by expert partners from renowned universities and major organizations. Donors and contributors to the campaign can receive memberships granting full access to these resources, along with exclusive benefits like VIP content, event access, mentorship, and discounts.

“Our mission is to foster women’s empowerment, gender equality, and sustainability across the globe,” said the HER Venture HUB Team. “By supporting this campaign, you’ll be part of an opportunity to change the world and to empower women to thrive.”

“This is more than just an online platform – it’s the stepping stone for a global movement to empower women, promote gender equality, and drive sustainable progress, aligned with the UN, SDG, EU ISOs, ESG criteria and plenty of research data that is fact based, in communities everywhere,” the team added.

“Whether you’re a woman striving to make your mark or simply someone who cares about creating a more equitable world, your contribution today can change lives tomorrow and even forever.”

The crowdfunding campaign kicks off today with a fundraising goal of 44k euros mostly for tech development costs and runs on the Indiegogo website.

To contribute or learn more about the platform, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/her-resources-platform-launch-by-her-venture-hub/x/26305193#/

To get involved or learn more about HER Venture HUB’s mission, visit: https://herventurehub.com/

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