History of Odiifo Nkansah

Odifo Kwame Nkansah lived from 1862 – 1987. He left this realm on September 23,1987 at age 125 years. He was a prophet for 70 years.
Odifo Kwame Nkansah lived most of his live in Anyinam where the head quarters was and still is.
He cared for the poor and sick, He fed and clothed many.
His Best friend was Nana opoku ware. He did a lot of work and miracles in Ghana and beyond, turning water to petrol to fuel his cars,he could appear and disappear, astral travel among others, at his time he had buses for most of his branches and there were no offering or collection at his Church.

He died a Natural dead and told his people about his death and why they shouldn’t put him in fridge but after he died as a state prophet to Rawlings and his friend Nana Opoku ware together with one of his w)faase who was a law lecturer who later broke out of the church to form united faith took his body to korlebu mortuary and while at the mortuary patients confirmed their healing encounter at the hospital as many received their healing from him and described him.

Becauseof this the hospital authority were refusing to hand the body over after they found out it was him patients were describing. 

But eventually the family and the church too the case to court to get the body released for burial, they gave him a full escort and ambulance but for about 2 hours all the motors and cars were not functioning so they had to carry the body in one of his Benz buses to Anyinam.

On the funeral grounds Nana Opoku Oware delayed coming to the funeral and the family wanted to put him in the casket but on several tries the body could not be moved until His friend Nana Opoku Oware came to pay his last respect.

As they put the body into the casket on a bench and as soon as the casket was lifted there was a heavy hightning which divided the group into 2. Where they still dig the soil(nfuntuma) for many forms of healing. The pictures of him, ex president Rawlings, Nana Opoku Oware among other big people at his time are still there in Anyinam.

Odifo Kwame Nkansah was a great prophet and and ancestor to many despite his flaws others also encountered, like some sort of punishments he gives to his pastors, using his hands or eyes to take some of them their powers from them.

He was the first prophet who kept African cultures and believes in the adventure of the Bible. Till today traditional drums among other this that identifies and unify the African spirituality are found in his Churches.

Even though the old folks knows his Church well his still have over 500 branches

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