Hon. Jerome Kwame Okyere Akordor to restore “power” back to the grassroots in Akyem Swedru Constituency.

Hon. Jerome Kwame Okyere Akordor, popularly known as Akuafo Adanfo, has called on the NPP party delegates in the Akyem Swedru Constituency in the Birim South District of the Eastern Region to vote for him to restore power to the grassroots.

In an interview with Ghananews247.com, Hon. Jerome stated that the grassroots, who are the foundation of the party have been neglected, especially the old delegates of the party, who are seeking and needs some assistance from the party to get proper healthcare.


He said he will enrol all old and new delegates who are having health related issues in a comprehensive health insurance scheme for them to access proper health care.

Hon. Jerome stated emphatically that, He appreciates the grassroots and will collaborate and work with them.

He bemoaned the high level of youth unemployment in the constituency and promised to make sure that when he get the nod to represent the constituency, he will initiate the youth in agribusiness for them to get some jobs.

He also promised to support farmers in the constituency and build a satellite market in Apoli for the farmers could sell their farm products.

He stated that he is the one who understands the problems farmers in the constituency goes through because he himself is a farmer and has been working with the farmers for a very long time.

He pleaded with delegates in Akyem Swedru Constituency to vote massively for him in the upcoming election so that he can bring unity to the party and also help the party to break the 8.

Hon. Jerome Kwame Okyere Akordor has been a pillar for the party in the constituency and region as a whole with numerous achievements.

He was the Regional Representative for Akyemansa block during the 2020 voter registration and elections.

In the 2020 voter registration and elections, he mobilized people from Accra to come and register, and vote on the voting day.

He supported the party with pick-ups and motorcycles and an unclosed amount of money to be used for party activities in the constituency.

In the 2020 general election, he was part of the MP’s campaign team, and he adopted 10 poling stations and worked with them for the party to be victorious.

Hon. Jerome Kwame Okyere Akordor has been so supportive to the NPP in the Akyem Swedru constituency and it’s about time the delegates appreciate him for his unflinching support and consistency.

Report by Samuel Quaye.

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