Humanitarian Awards Global Partners Philbro Properties to Celebrate Change Makers.

Humanitarian Awards on Monday 15th August announced Philbro Properties, one of Ghana’s leading estate companies as the official headline sponsor of the Humanitarian Awards Global 2022.

The announcement was made at the signing ceremony held at the Headquarters of the Philbro Properties in Accra.

Philbro Properties is the property development arm of Philbro Properties in Ghana.

The company major achievement includes on-time delivery of exceptional quality assets with record sales success. The Group’s philosophy is to deliver exceptional quality and build long- lasting relationships. Philbro Properties’ main aim and goal is to develop the coastal belts and areas in Ghana, and by so doing, turning Ghana’s coastal areas into first- class residential and commercial communities.

The partnership between Philbro Properties and the Humanitarian Awards Global is aimed at jointly unearthing esteemed change stories globally and to properly marketing and positioning the elite homes and properties available for affordable purchase.

Signing on behalf of Philbro Properties, Mr Francis and managers, highlighted that “the company’s high appetite for growing estate business sector with affordable homes and creating opportunities, and rewarding its markets are a few of the many reasons for partnering with the HAG”.

The Program Manager, Mr. Noble Wisdom Dordoe, on his part commended Philbro Properties for the partnership, expressing the need to celebrate the work of the humanitarian community. Mr Wisdom Dordoe further pointed out that Ghana is blessed with a young businessman and evidence is seen through the display of appetit for youth development.

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