I like thick tall and handsome men – Adwoa Smart

Diminutive actress Adwoa Smart has stated the qualities she looks for in a man for a love relationship.

Born Belinda Naa Ode Oku, Adwoa Smart said in an interview on the Delay Show that any man who approaches her for a relationship should be tall, handsome and presentable.

She however added that if the man is not tall, he should be handsome and of good character.

“Even if he is not too tall. He should be very handsome. He should be disciplined,” she told Delay.

Adwoa Smart said since she lost her baby at the age of 21, she has been scared of giving birth again.

The 46-year-old actress stated that she has been choosy in her relationships because most of the men would only come in with the intention to sleep with her and not really to spend life with her.

Adwoa Smart was very popular in the 90s in the ‘Obra’ television series.

She has also starred in a lot of Ghanaian movies.

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