I will never go on Delay Show again – Vicky Zugah.

About two months ago, Radio and TV show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, known in showbiz as Delay accused actress Vicky Zugah of dishonesty and called her a pathological liar on her television show, The Delay Show.

The act did not go down well with the actress and the Internet did not let it rest as well. Vicky Zugah has vouched not to go on The Delay Show again.

“I will never go on that show again, not even for anything in this world. You know that lady sometimes forgets that the people she interviews are human, they have feelings and their image is important.”

“She edits the interview just for what she will gain, like drawing traffic to her youtube channel, getting viewers and all and for me it is not fair. I am done with her and anything that has to do with her,” she said in an interview with Showbiz.

“I am not stupid to just get up and go about talking about my personal life just because I want to or I feel like just talking and that is what the end results of an interview with her shows look like.”

Talking about how the aftermath of the show affected her, she said, “It was really bad. It affected me emotionally and mentally. People’s perception towards me changed and it was a difficult one and time for me”.

Describing what really transpired between them, she said, “I went to talk about my domestic violence campaign and she was supportive of it. She even shared her experience and how she dealt with it. All this was recorded during our interaction only for the video to come out and her part is not there.

“She knows that if she puts her part out there, people are going to bash her so she edited that part and showed what will make you look like a bad person,” she said.

Fast forward to a week ago, Gospel Artiste Joyce Blessing who went on The Delay Show has also accused Delay of editing her show to tarnish the image of her guests and Vicky Zugah says she has been vindicated.

“I was there and I tried to let people see who she is and what really transpired but they did not believe me and this happening in a way shows that Delay always has an agenda when she comes to you for an interview.”

According to the Mommy’s Daughter actress, people should watch out for her and if she had her own way, she will not advice anyone to go on her show.

“I will not advice any one to go on that show. She sits with an agenda and to me she has not been fair to people. It is time we boycott her show,” she said.

Speaking about her Domestic Violence project Vicky said, “It is doing well, so far so good and I thank God for how far He has brought me.”

Vicky also used the medium to call for support for her project.

“Ever since I started, anything I have done is out of my personal pocket; I call on people to come support me so we fight this course. It may not be in cash but by people sharing their stories or clothes or anything tangible. What I am doing is not for my personal gain, I believe it’s a good step, I need support to take it higher,” she said.
Source: Graphic.com.gh

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