IMaH Begins Covid-19 Vaccination Exercise

The International Maritime Hospital, one of the business units of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, and a designated COVID-19 vaccination centre has also begun vaccination, in accordance with the national scheme.

The International Maritime Hospital has since 2020, been serving as one of the national treatment centres for COVID-19, helping in mitigating the impact of the virus on the citizenry.

IMaH has received its first batch of 1600 doses of the COVAX vaccine for vaccination of its staff, people above 60years and people with underlying health conditions, respectively, according to the national guidelines.

Dr. Sylvester Yaw Oppong, the CEO of IMaH said, like all other national centres, the coronavirus has taken its toll on the health facility, explaining that the arrival of the vaccines has been refreshing news and a step in the right direction in the fight against the virus.

“We initially had a ward of about 15 persons. Overnight we had to expand it to over 30. Even when it was expanded, within 2 days it was filled and people called begging for more space. The situation has been dire for the whole country,” he recounted.

The CEO of the International Maritime Hospital said not only does the vaccine help to mitigate the negative impact the COVID-19 has on public health, but successful vaccination will return social and economic life to the desired state.

“Ghanaians are very communal in nature. This is the only way we can open up our economy for things to move,” he opined.
He urged the public to disregard all conspiracy theories surrounding
the vaccine, and take their jabs when it is their turn to.

“It is very safe. I will urge everyone to go in for the vaccine. Please disregard those theories. They do not hold water,” he said.

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