Independent presidential candidate, Kwame Asiedu Walker lays out plans for the youth ahead of December 7th Polls.

Mr Kwame Asiedu Walker, independent presidential candidate for this year’s presidential elections has laid out strategic measures for the youth when elected as the next president of the Republic of Ghana come 7th December.

As the only independent candidate contesting in this years presidential elections, Mr Walker has assured the youth of massive employment, in key areas related to their talents as well as initiatives that will gainfully engage them.

Speaking to a group of media men and women at his residence, Mr Walker said that the duopoly of the two political parties must be broken, adding that it was the only way the youth of Ghana will be able to realize their full potential.

A comprehensive regionalization plan has been put in place in the “contract with Ghana” document to empower the youth. In this plan, regional secretariats in the various regions across the country will be resourced to enable them respond to the problems facing the youth in the various regions in the country.

Mr Walker also indicated that his government will bulild an ultra modern talent hunt national facility in Ada that will supervise the development of youth talents in Ghana.

According to him, the present youth development situation in the country is not healthy for young talents wishing to carve out a profession in the entertainment industry.

The ultra modern facility will have specific departments and equipment that can be used for practical rehearsals by upcoming performers, mucisians and related creative arts talents.

In addition, Mr Walker has reinforced his commitment to sports development across second cycle institutions by adequately resourcing and empowering senior high schools by providing them with the necessary facilities to enhance sporting activities in schools.

This will ensure that talents who do not make it to tertiary schools will have the opportunity to develop at second cycle institutions and be able to compete at national and international levels.

In all, Mr Walker projects at least 2 million jobs to be created in his first term in office in key areas of the economy such as building and infrastructure , agriculture as well as sports.

“We will create jobs that will get the youth of this country gainfully employed “ he said. He also added that the youth , who form a chunk of Ghana’s population will be a priority in his government should Ghanaians endorse him come December 7th.


Mr Kwame Asiedu Walker is an independent presidential candidate contesting in this years national elections. As a result of his youth focused agenda, Mr Walker is being led by the First Ghana United Youth, a youth led organization that believes in youth empowerment and development.

Mr Walker is expected to outdoor his policy document in the coming days-a comprehensive policy document he calls “contract with Ghana” which spells out his visions for Ghana as well as his policies.

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