Invisible Force cause mayhem at Ada East

Deputy Regional Organizer of the NPP in the Ada East District, Nii Ofori Teye, is reported to have led NPP’s famous Invincible Forces to cause mayhem at the Ada East District during an assembly election.

An election that eventually confirmed the President’s nominee, Sarah Dugbakie Pobee, as the District Chief Executive (DCE).

Sarah Dugbakie Pobee earlier on two occasions failed to obtain the two-thirds majority to qualify for the position.

Prior to the counting of ballot on Friday after the assembly elections, local reporters reported that, the premises of the assembly was plunged into darkness leading to severe brutality of some assembly members and the Presiding Member.

The Police is said to have at the time took away the ballot box which was brought later for counting in the absence of seventeen assembly members and the Presiding Member.

The move is reported to have been orchestrated by the Deputy Regional Organizer of the NPP, Nii Ofori Teye.

Reports say the President’s nominee for Ada East District amidst of the mayhem eventually was approved. A situation described as an Invincible Force confirmation.

It further said, voting was delayed leading to a late start of the program, and is as a result of intimidations by the vigilante group.

A situation the media was prevented from taking coverage by the forces. Also, journalists were intimidated to delete earlier video recordings to wash away evidence of their actions.

Invincible Forces, is famously known to be an NPP affiliated vigilante group that has been involved is series of similar instances across the country.

Presiding Member, Simon Arthur, a victim left with tattered clothes said, he refused to sign the declaration forms with believe that the ballot box was tempered amidst the mayhem.

He said the cover of the original ballot box was white but when the light came on it was changed to Green.

“I am the Presiding Member (PM) and I am not going to sign because leadership must be by the will of the people,” he said.

He said they are not satisfied with the conduct of the election and will resist any attempt to impose a DCE on them

He expressed dissatisfaction of Sarah Dugbakie Pobee’s approval, saying “I imagined how the approved nominee will work with the house”.

Sarah Dugbakie Pobee pulled 28 yes out of 36 votes with 7-No and one spoilt ballot.

Story by Simon Agbovi

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