Is Okoben Mine An  Active Mine With Its  License With Mineral  Commission Intact?

The controversies surrounding the commercial gold mining operational activities of Okobeng Mining Company Limited, an Ghanaian owned gold mining firm located at Dominase in the Evalue-Ajomoro-Gwira Municipality of the Western Region have continued as several genuine questions have been asked as to the originality of the company’s licences and operating permits.

The challenges have been thrown to the gold mining firm to, immediately make the public all the mining lease licenses or permits it has obtained from the Minerals Commission, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other state mining regulatory institutions in the country.

The critics were challenging the company to make the public its mining lease licenses because they suspected that the officers contrived to grant the mining leases to Nana Okoben Amponsah-owner of the gold mining company for the Dominase Gold Mining Project, without following the proper due processes and procedures.

The company has recently come under intense pressure amid claims of carrying out illegal mining and polluting water bodies like the River Akonbra.

Although the company through its lawyers have constantly set the records straight by indicating its position and concerns of not involved in illegal mining as claimed, pressure is still coming in from certain quarters, calling on the company to give more information that will put all the allegations to rest.

People, particularly the concerned youths living in Dominase are beginning to raise doubts about whether the company is in good standings as far as its license is concerned and whether its licence has been renewed every year.

The people who are making these insinuations are also demanding to know the company’s legal standing with the Minerals Commission of Ghana.

According to them, although they are not challenging the authenticity of the license Okoben Mining Company Limited holds from the Minerals Commission and Environmental Protection Agency for its Dominase Gold Mining Project, and that this company operates in the manner prescribed in the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703.), they believe the company has not renewed its business operating license with the Minerals Commission for some time now.

This, they demand the company to prove to Ghananias.

Also, they are demanding for clarity on the relationship of the company with Ghana Chamber of Mines, stressing that all answers to all these questions could create a clear understanding in the minds of all as regards the operations of Okoben Mining Company Limited.

They suspected that these had compiled the state to halt the commercial mining activities of the company, pending possible revocation of the mining license of the company.

They noted that it is sole prerogative for the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources to grant the mining leases, subject to the parliamentary rectification, the process they challenged the company to come out and prove to the general public whether or not it has gone through.

They further dared the company to show out various receipts from the payment it made to the annual renew of the business operatiing permit with the Minerals Commission of Ghana.

The minerals operation by the mining companies required a mineral right and license and that the mining business operations permit certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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