Is Saturday The ”Sabbath” Day?  

One debate that Christians all over the world have failed to find answer to is Sabbath Day-a day that God has instructed the human race to rest and worship Him.

As Muslims all over the world have chosen Friday as their main day of prayers, though they pray five times every day, Christians seem to be divided about the exact day, with some considering Saturday as Sabbath whiles others have chosen Sunday.

But in attempt to settle the dust, the Agona Swedru branch minister of the Universal Church of Jesus, Pastor Frank Avumey has contended that it is a common fact that if God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day, then it is clear that Saturday remains the Sabbath day counting from the days of calendar, quoting Biblical versus to buttress his argument.

He however stated the most important thing is not the day itself, nut how sacred the people keeps the day that makes it holy.

By. Robert Ayanful

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