Islamic Republic Of Iran Celebrates 41st Anniversary Of Their Victory

The Iranian Ambassador to Ghana, Dr Nosratollah Maleki  has called  for the strengthening of ties between Ghana and Iran so as to foster economic development.

He said, relationship between the two countries have improved over the years especially in the areas of health, education, trade and commerce.

He lauded the Ghana government and the nation for the improved relationship they have nurtured with Iran and called for more collaboration in future.

The Ambassador was speaking at the 41st Anniversary celebration of the victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he condemn the “hostile” moves of the United States against the Islamic republic.

Speaking to media on the side line of the celebration, Shehu Dalhu Abdul Mumin, The Spiritual Leader of the Ahlu-Bayt Mission and the Chief of the Zongo community in Northern Region, congratulated the government and people of Iran for their 41 years victory.

He also applauded the Islamic Republic of Iran for their immense contribution to some key areas in Ghana, stressing that the establishment of social intervention programs such as building of the first Islamic University in Ghana, Iran clinic and promotion of trade in Ghana as some of the many things the Iranian government and it’s people have established in Ghana which is of immense benefit to the citizens.

He also applauded the Iranian people for their power of resilience in surviving the long abuse from their enemies, describing Iran as the beacon of hope to the oppressed.

Shehu Dalhu also praised the good people of Iran for their immense achievement in technology and other crucial areas which place the Iranian nation as a pivot to the Middle East.

The 1979 Revolution in Iran toppled the U.S.-backed Shah regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and brought the country under the leadership of Khomeini, an event seen as a turning point in Iran’s history.


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