Josephine Antwi-Agyei Adjudged Maritime Reporter Of The Year At 25th GJA Awards

A broadcast journalist with TV3 network, Josephine Antwi-Agyei has been adjudged the Maritime Reporter of the year at the 25th Ghana Journalist Awards.

Josephine who has been reporting on the maritime sector for a decade did a documentary on the state of the Tema Shipyard with the aim of drawing government’s attention to resolving the challenges confronting the shipyard.

“The biggest worry now is that competition is catching fast with them. There are new other shipyards that are coming up. So close to us, Benin even has one. It would be a challenge for Ghana to look on for such a national asset to go on and rot,” she articulated.

She also filed a feature on Ama Tankey, the first female marine pilot who works with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority as a way of encouraging more women to participate in the maritime industry which is perceived to be preserved for men.

Speaking on Eye on Port, the Maritime Reporter of the Year said the story of Ama Tankey proves that when given the opportunity women are capable to excel in all spheres including the maritime industry.

“My next target is to ensure that, we project and promote such women in the industry in Ghana. When it comes to leadership positions too, they should be also able to give it to them (women) because they are capable of delivering,” she said.

Josephine also encouraged the industry players and institutions within the port and maritime industry to provide support for journalists who focus on the sector through various means like educational sponsorships that would further their knowledge and capabilities in their field of work.

Josephine Antwi-Agyei, expressed that her passion is to contribute to elevating the maritime industry, which she believes is significant to the development of the nation and encouraged other journalists to also turn their focus to developments in the maritime sector.

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