…Kenyase No.1 Chief ordered miners to remove Equipment from Site

The paramount chief of Kenyase no.1 in the Brong Ahafo region, Nana Osei Kofi Abiri has said, since government is fighting to end illegal mining in the country, it is advisable for the people of Kenyase No.1 especially those who are on site mining to remove all their equipment and machinery from site to prevent any wrath from government onto them.

According to the paramount chief, they can’t fight government on the issue of illegal mining because the way it is destroying farmlands and other natural reservations is becoming albatross on the neck of Ghanaians.

Nana Osei Kofi Abiri made this known when he summoned all the youth including the district police commander, the district assembly staff and the opinion leaders in Kenyase No.I to inform them about government decision to storm the town to halt illegal mining as part of the exercise by government.

‘’The president of the republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo invited all mining towns including Kenyase No.1, Ntotoroso, Kenyase No.2 and other towns in various regions that are mining communities to tell and made known to us about an action he is going to take about illegal mining and how we the chiefs should also aid him to complete his mission’ ’The paramount chief said.

Nana Osei Kofi Abiri told the gathering in his palace that, President Akufo-Addo said, illegal mining has brought destruction to various water bodies and forest reservations in the country and that, it is his mission to ensure he end it as he has laid down his presidency in the fight against the menace. I am doing this for the unborn generation but not to cause unemployment to anyone, said by President Akufo Addo, according to the chief to his people.

Though, our water bodies in Kenyase has not been polluted but it is clear that a lot of people are mining illegally and for that matter it is better for all those who are engaged into the practice to remove every equipment from site before it is too late, because President Akufo Addo made it clear to us that he will deploy a joint military taskforce anytime soon to the various communities who are defying government directives to end illegal mining.

Nana Osei Kofi Abiri, who is the paramount chief of Kenyase No.1 speaking on allegations by some sections of the youth and the town folks on bribery allegations the youth has levelled on him for taking monies from the Newmont company to tie his lips on employment issues, he explained that, nevertheless as a chief of Kenyase,he will go in bed with the aforementioned company to betray the loyalty of his people in an exchange for goodies.

‘’I have in nowhere taking any monies from anyone to close my lips over employment agreement between the Newmont company and the people of Kenyase No.1’, the paramount chief told his people.

On the issue of having some mining concession as the paramount chief of Kenyase No.1,he debunked the allegation, adding that nothing ceased him to mine, but he don’t even have one concession as it has been speculated by some people.

Story by Martin Osei Tutu

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