KGL Foundation, KEED and Fuel Automation partner for Relief Donation and Blood Drive in Keta Municipal Area.

In response to the devastating flooding caused by the Akosombo Dam spillage, KGL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the KGL Group, has joined forces with KEED and Fuel Automation Ghana Limited to provide crucial aid and medical assistance to communities within the Keta Municipal Assembly. This collaborative effort, carried out in conjunction with the Keta Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Hospital, took place on Saturday, March 16th, 2024.

The partnership between KGL Foundation, KEED, and Fuel Automation aimed to deliver essential relief supplies, including food items and medical equipment, valued at hundreds of thousand Ghana cedis, to the victims of the Akosombo Dam spillage and the broader Keta Municipality.

Recognizing the potential health challenges stemming from the floods, KGL Foundation took proactive measures to support the Keta Municipal Hospital by organizing a health screening and blood donation campaign to enable the people of Keta to know their health status and to replenish the hospital’s blood bank reserves. This initiative ensured that safe blood was readily available for individuals needing medical care in the aftermath of the natural disaster.

Mr. Nii Annorbah-Sarpei, Programs Manager of KGL Foundation, emphasized, “At KGL Foundation, we are guided by a commitment to empower Ghanaians and uplift their lives. This endeavor underscores Mr. Elliot Dadey, the CEO of KGL Foundation’s dedication to making a positive difference in our communities. The health screening and blood donation drive are critical aspects of safeguarding the well-being of our populace following this calamity.”

Mr. Emmanuel Gemegah, Municipal Chief Executive of the Keta Municipality, expressed gratitude for the support extended by KGL Foundation, KEED, and Fuel Automation during this challenging period. “The recent floods have brought untold hardship to many in our community. We appreciate the compassion shown by these organizations in not only providing relief items but also organizing the crucial blood drive,” he stated.

Mr. Clyde Gaze, Head of Marketing for KEED, shared insights on their collaboration, stating, “At KEED, we recognize the importance of standing by our communities in times of crisis. Partnering with KGL Foundation and Fuel Automation Ghana Limited on this essential mission, including the relief items donation and blood drive, underscores our commitment to supporting our society in times of need.”

About KGL Foundation:

KGL Foundation serves as the corporate social responsibility branch of the KGL Group, a leading Ghanaian financial services conglomerate. The foundation is devoted to fostering social and economic progress in Ghana through innovative philanthropic ventures, with a mission to empower Ghanaians to achieve their full potential.

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