Kofi Anokye Chases Dr. K.K. Sarpong Back To Court

The tension between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Koans Building Solution, Professor Kofi Anokye and the CEO of the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC), Dr. K.K. Sarpong is far from over as the latter is being chased to pursue the case he filed against Kofi Anokye.

The CEO of KOANS Estates, Prof. Kofi Anokye has thrown a serious challenge to Dr. K. K. Sarpong; calling on him to face the fight and go back to the Court so they can all pursue the defamation suit he filed to its logical conclusion.

It would be recalled that Dr. K. K. Sarpong in 2018 filed a Writ at the Accra High Court against the estate developer for defamation.

In that Writ, Dr. K. K. Sarpong stated that Prof. Kofi Anokye addressed a letter to the then acting national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that he demanded a total sum of US$2,000 to facilitate his transportation and communication in a US$50 million deal with an Iranian company and one Ernest Thompson of IMG (UK).

He averred also that the KOANS Estates and its CEO claimed that they had met with him to discuss a potential business that sought to establish a business relationship with the Tema Oil Refinery which he was once the Managing Director.

He stated that the plaintiffs in the said letter claimed that he was paid $2,000 for the GH¢10,000 facilitation fee he charged; a statement the defendants knew as not true.

According to Dr. K. K. Sarpong, Prof. Kofi Anokye falsely alleged and published that he fraudulently requested an amount of GH¢10,000 from Kofi Anokye and received $2,000 which was offered for the alleged purposes of his communication and transportation, in furtherance of Koans Building Solution’s alleged pursuit of a gain of over US$50 million.

The allegations have exposed him to the right-thinking public that he is corrupt and fraudulent.

He also contended that since he left office as the Managing Director of Tema Oil Refinery in August 2009, he has never had the capacity to influence, decide or direct any decision at the state oil refinery.

At the Court, Dr. K.K Sarpong was seeking a declaration that the defendants unjustifiably defamed him and an Order that the defendants retract their defamatory statements and publications about him.

The Case which has since been at the Court is yet to be determined as the case hasn’t been called because the Plaintiff in the Case, Dr. K.K. Sarpong could not continue with the matter.

Speaking with this reporter in an interview, Mr. Anokye disclosed that the lawyers of Dr. K. K. Sarpong fumbled in court after he (Mr. Anokye) presented his evidence, which invariably deterred the Plaintiff from pursuing the matter further.

In his Suit, Dr. K. K. Sarpong claimed he has never met Prof. Kofi Anokye before in his entire life after he publicly made the same claim of not ever seeing Prof. Anokye in his life.

This Prof. Kofi Anokye proved by producing WhatsApp Communication between him and Dr. K. K. Sarpong.

The WhatsApp Communication between the two personalities started on January 10, 2017 in which the Plaintiff (Dr. K. K. Sarpong) gave the Defendant (Kofi Anokye) Thursday, January 12, 2017 to meet at 10 O’clock in the morning.

According to Prof. Kofi Anokye, this evidence he presented to the Court surprised Dr. K. K. Sarpong and his lawyers who then decided to play games with the case leading to the adjournment of the case indefinitely.

Prof. Anokye revealed that it was during that meeting with Dr. K. K. Sarpong that he (Prof. Anokye) gave the said amount of money to Dr. K. K. Sarpong in respect of the said business.

He said, “I want the GNPC boss to proceed the case at the law court to prove to the entire world that he is not guilty of my claims or apologize to me for wasting my time.”

He said, he is happy that the case is back in Court and prayed that Dr. K. K. Sarpong doesn’t run away this time round.

Prof. Anokye maintained that he has not defamed Dr. K.K. Sarpong in any way and that the information he provided on him were facts.

According to him, he is not out to unjustly accuse anybody but that he is out to expose “Corrupt leaders” who are using their position to exploit the ordinary poor Ghanaians.

He said, corruption has taken over every aspect of the Ghanaian society and that the time has come for him especially, to stand and speak against such conducts by leaders such as Dr. K.K Sarpong.

According to him, he reported the GNPC boss to the Tesano Police for further investigations into the allege $2000 dollars given to Dr. K. K Sarpong as a contract facilitating fee which to him was a breach of contract between the two of them for a contract awarding.

The GNPC boss according KOANS estates boss, failed to appear in court for proceedings after realizing he has no case and that he (Kofi Ankoye) is challenging Dr. K. K. Sarpong to go back to Court.

He said the country’s resources cannot be left in the hands of some few corrupt individuals; hence every effort must be made to expose such persons no matter the cost.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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