Land Grabbing Spree Hawks At It Again!

Land grabbing and the creation of an dictatorial populist regime in this country is getting out of hand.

In Ghana toady, land grabbing by oligarchs have been one of the pillars ostensibly enriching many state appointees.

The phenomenon remains out of the public purview and meets little resistance as the establishment controlled media keeps Ghanaians distracted and mute over the dangers these acts of political appointees and their appendages at lands commission could possibly pose the security and progress of the state.

The Ghanaian dictatorial populist government, now enemy of the people incessantly pops up like in a shooting game at a pleasure park.

Mr. President, your chances of doing right to the people of Ghana in providing a safe environment where Ghanaians can do business and foreign investors can see Ghana as an attractive destination is being undermined by callous group of selfish state appointees and their collaborators.

Credible information available to us indicates plans are being hatched to shortchange Chiefs and elders of Amrahia, Kweiman and Danfa of the portion of the dairy farm land released to them by the state last year 27th of November.

Lands released to these three communities by the state in November 2020 without a plan that comes with whitepapers on land released due to the illegitimate activities of some state actors on the land released in variance to the directives of the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, announced by his vice, His Excellency Alhaji Mamoudu Bawumia at Danfa, still hang on the “drying line”, making it difficult for the owners to gain access to that which is duly theirs.

They are holding onto the plan and cutting of the various boundaries for the three communities, being Danfa, Kweiman and Amrahia in a bid to conceal and protect their own interest to the detriment of the allodia custodians of the lands.

Surprisingly, some big wigs of the present regime are hiding under the cover of the Ministry of works and housing to expropriate lands released to these poor communities so they could share among themselves.

Their modus operandi is simple. They have clandestinely earmarked part of the portion released, for the Ministry of Works and housing for their so called affordable housing units; and I ask, when was the last time government built affordable houses for the masses? Clearly, price tag on houses built by the state were much expensive than that of the private developers and so why then are they disturbing everybody with this noisy jargons designed for their self-aggrandizements without thinking about the poor who willingly doled out such lands to the state for specific purposes.

The NPP government has flouted it’s own policy enacted by the former President Kuffuor during his regime, through Professor Dominic Fobih committee which clearly stated that land compulsorily acquired by the state for specific project but could not be utilized over a period of time should be reverted to its allodia owners with ratio not less than 50%, in case compensation is paid over it.

In the case where a partial compensation has been paid or not at all, the chunk of the land must go back to the real owners.

This writer has a list of those grabbing state lands compulsorily acquired from the poor for masquerade state projects; fabulous monies they are making to live a rather useless lifestyle to the chagrin of the governed.

This paper will soon publish full list of those behind this heinous crimes against humanity. Are we seeing the continuation of the professed property owning democracy? I shall return.


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