Law Lecturer Schools Rawlings On Happenings At UEW

A Law Lecturer at the University of Education Winneba (UEW), Alhassan Salifu Bawah, has schooled former President Jerry John Rawlings on the happenings at the University, regarding the dismissal of Professor Avoke and other officers under him.
Not too long ago, former President Rawlings, addressing people at Winneba when he commemorated the 31st December uprising, called for the reinstatement of Professor Avoke as Vice-Chancellor of the University.
According to him justice wasn’t served when Avoke and the others were dismissed from the University, hence there was the need for the Governing Council to do the needful and reverse its decision.
But, in responding to this call from the former President, Alhassan Salifu Bawah, expressed great disappointment in the former President for making such a demand when indeed, the Governing Council of the University followed due process before taking the decision to dismiss Professor Avoke and the others.
According to him, when the issue of Avoke’s misconduct emerged, the Governing Council first set up a Fact Finding Committee, which concluded its investigations and presented its report to that effect to the Governing Council.
“An Investigative Committee was then set up to look into the report presented by the Fact Finding Committee. That Committee also did its work and presented its report to the Governing Council. It was after this that a disciplinary board was set up and a recommendation was made to the Council to dismiss the culprits,” he explained.
Alhassan Salifu Bawah however indicated clearly that, nobody sat anywhere to write the dismissal letters of Professor Avoke and the others, but rather due process was followed as is done in any civilized institution.
He however noted that, the matter between the University and Professor Avoke went to Court and the Court established that the Governing Council didn’t err in dismissing Professor Avoke and the others.
He said: “In any case, the case went to Court and the Court held that the Governing Council did nothing wrong in dismissing Avoke”.
Professor Avoke has the right to proceed to the Court of Appeal to challenge that decision by the High Court but he failed to do so, but rather choose to remain quiet, so must accept the outcome in good faith.”
He also noted that former President Rawlings cannot dictate what goes on in the University and that for him to call for justice when he (Rawlings) himself is guilty of abusing peoples’ rights and liberties, is inequitable.
Alhassan Bawah said the laws of the country does not give former Presidents the power to meddle in the affairs of institutions such as the UEW. However, respect is accorded to former Presidents who respect themselves, such as former President Kufuor. “When he (Rawlings) decides to bring himself to the gutters, we will also jump into the gutter with him and sort matters out with him”.
“For a person of his caliber to be making such demands for justice after all what he did in the past; such as the murder of the three high court Judges and three former Heads of States, amounts to hypocrisy of the highest order. The records are there for everyone to see. Rawlings presided over regimes that did not have any respect for human dignity, rights and justice.”
He described Jerry John Rawlings as a “joke” for making such a statement and creating an impression as if the UEW Governing Council is wrong in dismissing Avoke and co.
“I must say again that the UEW Governing Council followed due process, therefore the dismissal of Avoke and Co. as long as the Court upheld that decision, was right,” he said.
Prof. Avoke’s tenure as VC of UEW expired on 30th September, 2019, so legally, Prof. Avoke cannot in anyway be reinstated as VC of UEW. Just a little more education for Rawlings.


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