Leave Comet Properties Alone And Blame Yourselves For Buying Lands From Wrong Land Owners – Nana Kyeremateng Tells Land Developers At Comet Estates

The former Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comet Properties Limited, Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng, has cautioned the general public and prospective land buyers to desist from purchasing the company already registered lands located at Comet Estates in Asabi- Brekuso in the Estatern Region of Ghana.

Fuming with anger, Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng declared that he would
continue to fight these recalcitrant prospective land buyers who are still found of buying lands belonging to Comet Properties Limited from the self seeking heads and elders Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya untill “l would die.”

He expressed grave concern over the manner in which the heads and elders of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya encroached and illegally took over the real estate company’s landed properties and indiscriminately double-sell the same lands to innocent organisations and individuals.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng elaborated on how Nana Opoku Kyekyeku could be acting seeking to defraud people and innocent Ghanaians on the claim of ownership of 400 acres of land belonging to the Comet Estates situated at Brekuso when the judgement plan and judgement—Apaloo Lolo verse Nii Samuel Mensah.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng maintained that
Nana Opoku Kyekyeku is tracing his root of title is only 1.3 acres and has nothing to do with Comet Estates, explaining that the land in the judgement is far away.

He stressed this nonsense and criminal practices must stopped now, saying that
prospective buyers should not think they could own company lands because it is dormant., insisting that the move could be costly since the company could reclaim the land anytime need be.

“Let people be advised that when you do a search and you discover Comet Properties Limited land in an area, don’t assume that company never needs or wouldn’t use it, he advised.

“If the Comet Properties Limited government is not magnanimous enough to regularise it, you’ll find yourself in trouble. Even the Bible says you don’t know the hour the son of man will come so be advised by that because if a decision is taken today to use it, all properties on the said land would be demolished,” he said when he addressed journalists on Wednesday.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng cited numerous examples of some citizens who encroached or illegally and unlawfully bought company lands and were found wanting when the company wanted to undertake projects on the said lands.

“Our real estate project at Comet Estates in Asabi – Brekuso in the Estatern Region of Ghana for which we secured loan facility from the bank to do it, these heads and elders of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya and recalcitrant prospective land buyers had criminally entered the said land company had retained.

“That is not fair and it is a clear warning to all pre-acquisition owners and to those who go to acquire these interests that if company had teeth to bite, it will come back to bite you yourself.”

” I am not going to tolerate this nonsense, these guys are using their fake land documents with the help of the land guards and police officers to forcibly enter into the lands of the company and sell the company’s land to the unsuspecting people and run away.

“But we have prepared to face these people because we know the boundary. We are saying that these self seeking individuals should stop entering into our boundary to do illegal sell of our lands to unsuspecting Ghanaians or individuals,” he warned.

The lawyer urged various land developers to be mindful in dealing of the land transaction businesses with these elders from the Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya since they have been criminally entering into lands of the company at Brekusu enclave.

He told Ghanaian land buyers that they shouldn’t be deceived by the land title registry’s documents alone to justify their decision to buy land from the land owners.

“So if you want to buy land you should take the trouble to embark on a proper and thorough backgrounds check on the lands before you should agree to buy the land from the land owners to avoid any fraud,” he advised.

He asked individual land developers at Comet Estates in Asabi – Brekuso in the Estatern Region of Ghana to refrain from blaming the company for their land matters.

Rather, he admonished them to put the finger of blame on themselves for illegally and unlawfully buying lands from wrong persons within the Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng jumped to the defence of the real estate company which has been wrongly accused by some individual land developers, led by Kwabenya A-Line Chief, of under-developing challenges.

But mincing no words, the lawyer questioned the chieftaincy credibility of the so-called Kwabenya A-Line Chief and his followers, and called on the general public to disregard or ignore the current viral news blaming that Comet Properties Limited was attacking the developers at Comet Estates in Asabi – Brekuso.

According to the lawyer, the publication sanctioned by the so-called Kwabenya A-Line Chief and his followers in the New Crusading Guide newspaper on Wednesday March 28, 2024 was a calculated attempt to throw dust into the eyes of the public and paint the company black.

He stressed that it was high time the affected land developers at Comet Estates in Asabi – Brekuso in the Estatern Region of Ghana blamed themselves because if they had done a proper and thorough background search on the lands, they would have known for sure that the elders of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya were not the allodial, rightful or original owners of the said lands in question.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng who was speaking to the journalists to react to the viral media publication showed several documents of Land Title Registration from the Lands Title Registry and documents covering the Administration Boundary between Greater Accra and Eastern Region vis-a-vis Comet Properties Limited land at Comet Estates in Asabi- Brekuso in the Estatern Region of Ghana (Survey Plan or composite plan) to support the claims of the company, indicating that indeed the land belonged to the company.

In 2002, he explained that Comet Properties Limited was established as a real estate company specialised in integrating private urban development as well as the dealing in general construction,real estate development and sale of lands.

“Our maiden land development as a private city is COMET ESTATES ( now known as comethills)-Brekuso covering 1,500 acres or more ( 5km2 area),” he disclosed.

Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng narrated that the lands were acquired by leasehold interest from different families at Brekuso including the Aduana Abrade family and Asona family of Brekuso plus the Mankrado family of Brekuso all in the Eastern Region of Republic of Ghana.

“We procured all our land planning schemes approvals from the authorized Municipal Assembly at Nsawam and later transferred to Akwapim South Municipal Assembly at Aburi when that was established and by the constituency under the Akwapim South constituency with Honourable, O. B. Amoah Minister of state who is the M P for our Area.

“All our Deeds of conveyance were duly plotted and registered with the Lands Commission in the Eastern Region at the Koforidua since 2002,” Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng narrated.

He said although the elders of the Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya were aware of these documents, these people have been criminally extended their boundary to enter the disputed boundary at Brekusu to indiscriminately sell the lands belonging to the company, the situation which the company has protested vehemently.

He stressed that these people of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya and unlawful land developers of Kwabenya-Aboasa should leave the company alone, saying that the company has committed no wrong so far its land selling activity is concerned in the country.

According to him, the pockets of evidence available clearly show that some police officers of Ghana Police Service are currently supporting the heads and elders of Nii Odai Ntow Family to forcibly enter into the lands belonging to Comet Properties Limited within the dispute boundary at Brekusu and double- sell same lands to some unsuspecting organisations and individuals.

He showcased a series of court judgements
warning the heads and elders of the Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya to stop entering into the boundary of the company in Brekuso to sell the lands belonging to the company.

According to him, the people of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya have defied the court judgements by using the police officers to forcibly take the lands from the company.

He cited the instance where the notorious land guards working for the Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenya and their illegal land developers who were earlier warned by the various judges not to continue developing the land from the site to pull down already erected pillars, pegs and destroying building blocks on site belonging the company.

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