Let’s forgive our neighbors pastor advices christians

The head pastor of the Presbyterian church Pokuase Assembly has advice christians to forgive our neighbors when they offend us.

Rev.Isaac Brown speaking to his congregation urged all christians to extend the love God showed to mankind to other people.

According to him Jesus came down to earth to die in order for man’s to be forgiven, that’s the same way we mankind must forgive our neighbors when they offend us. Speaking on the theme “God’s love for mankind”, Ps. Brown elaborated that no matter how big the offence of your neighbor, if we really want to spend eternal life with God in heaven, then we must learn to forgive, as it is said in John 3:16, that” God loved the world, He gave his only son to die and cleanse mankind from sins”
Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest thing to do,but as christians, we don’t have to think twice before we forgive someone.

Rev. Isaac Brown also asked christians to remain steadfast in times of difficulties and not yield to temptation of going to consult oracles saying,” God has been with us and would lead us on our way to accomplish the purpose He has given us.

Story by Priscilla Oppong.

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