Let’s Get Together To Achieve Results – Herbert Mensah

Mr. Herbert Mensah, Chairman of the Communications Sub Committee of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) has identified that over the past 10 years Ghana has been developing Olympic athletes on ad hoc basis and it is about time they are supported adequately to be able to groom stars who can win medals.

The former chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko who raised patronage of football in his reign said the Ministry of Youth & Sports must work closely with the GOC in the planning and preparation towards international sports competition.

“It’s time we get together to achieve results with the new direction of the Communications Team” he expressed.

According to Herbert Mensah, the GOC was detached in the past with no much interest and support from government until there is an international event.

“It’s time to have right people and plan ahead, putting Olympic circles in play and plan for 2020 and beyond” he said.

He appealed for governmental support in the terms of understanding, direction or backing, not necessary money to empower federations to work closely and better. 

He urged the sports administrators and the media to marry technology with what ever they do in this modern age of social media and hi tech.

He explained that Rugby gets media support due to the committed effort of his reliable staff and dedicated players to get the news across sports and mainstream news channels.

Source . GOC Communications

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