LG improves Customer’s Lifestyle with its Side by Side Refrigerator

Merges Art & Technology in latest product line-up


The 2022 line-up of LG Side by Side Refrigerator comes with a combination of art and technology that provide differentiated performance, higher energy efficiency, and handy functions to satisfy consumer needs.


LG premium Refrigerator instantly adds a premium value to kitchen, boasting near-silent performance and precise temperature control. The foundation of the fridge is LG’s renowned Inverter Linear Compressor, which, unlike a conventional compressor, uses a straight piston drive.

An inspired design, the compressor is subject to less internal friction, enabling it to convert linear motion into cooling power more efficiently while also minimizing temperature fluctuations.

The Inverter Linear Compressor helps keep food fresher for longer, with the added benefits of quiet operation and reduced energy consumption.

With 32 percent more energy efficient than conventional compressors, the energy consumption rate is always important for consumers who purchase refrigerator. LG’s own Inverter Linear Compressor saves more energy by adapting efficiency-engineering mechanism


Ideal cooling conditions thanks to practical features

While it would be ideal to make daily purchases of organic food ingredients in amounts that will be consumed immediately, such items may be harder to come by compared to generic food ingredients. This makes the matter of storage — and how to maintain freshness for longer periods — an important one. This also means that users must bear in mind something that is often overlooked: how to properly use a refrigerator.


User behavior is a factor that can lead to loss of freshness. Some users leave the refrigerator door open for too long or open the door more often than needed. This causes an influx of outside air, again contributing to temperature fluctuations.

However, this is not an issue for users of the LG InstaView™ Refrigerator. Equipped with InstaView™ technology, users can browse the contents of their fridge simply by knocking twice on the panel, without having to open the door. This feature not only prevents unnecessary loss of cooled air, but also saves electricity.


The new Refrigerators is equipped with wide range of features to keep chilled food in ideal condition. The “LINEAR Cooling” function ensures a constant temperature with maximum fluctuations of ±0.5°C and has the advantage that there is an optimal cooling climate everywhere in the refrigerator. “Door Cooling+” circulates the cold air from top to bottom in order to quickly and evenly guarantee cool temperatures even in areas that are otherwise difficult to access for the air flow.

The specially designed, customizable “FRESH Balancer” drawer is ideal for storing vegetables and fruit; the “FRESH Converter” located underneath-Compartment keeps meat, fish and vegetables fresh. The “Moist Balance Crisper” is a corrugated storage compartment that now has a new hexagonal shape to better hold moisture and gradually release it to the food.


New Models for the elegant comfort experience

One thing that helps to set LG apart is the unique features embedded into their refrigerators. LG focus on the conveniences we want the most and the conveniences we didn’t even know we needed.


Perhaps one innovate LG feature for customers who enjoy specialty drinks is the ability to make ice cubes. Your refrigerator will also automatically make regular ice, ensuring that you never run out come party time! LG’s ice maker have a dispenser for ice in the door and an ice maker in the freezer that accumulates ice over time.


One unique factor in LG is its use of the latest features and cutting edge technological innovations to create truly smart devices. LG uses an app called ThinQ to easily connect consumers with their fridge, anytime and anywhere through accessible push notifications. Over half of LG’s refrigerator models are equipped with WiFi. The use of WiFi allows users to interact with the appliance via smartphone


Majority of LG refrigerator models come with Smart Diagnosis™, which can be activated from the ThinQ app. Smart Diagnosis™ provides useful information for diagnosing and solving issues with your refrigerator.


LG offers the best of both worlds when it comes to refrigerators: sleek functional designs with intuitive high tech features. LG refrigerators are also backed with a 1 year warranty, ensuring that you enjoy your fridge for 365 days and if there are any issues, LG have a Service Centre to take care of your products.

If you are looking for an energy efficient refrigerator that still contains all of the most technologically advanced features, an LG fridge might be the one for you.

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