Long queues as parents rush to SHSs to register wards


First-year students of the various Senior High Schools (SHSs) across the country have reported to their premises to complete their registration process.

However, the process has been fraught with a few challenges resulting in students and parents left standing in long queues for extended periods of time.

With the students supposed to report back in a couple of days, the parents have thronged the schools to get their wards registered before classes commence.

At some schools in Accra, parents expressed their frustration with the slow registration process to Citi News’ Marrie Franz.

“I got here almost 7:00am and was told to sit in the Assembly Hall and wait. While we’ve been here, some parents have come to call their wards. We don’t know what’s going on but we think they’ve started. They told us they were using the numbers,” one parent said.

“When we reported, we were told that we had to take numbers before we’ll be attended to. They just gave us the numbers and paid no more attention to us,” another parent said.

“We came here around 4:30am, thinking that we’d be attended to quickly so that we could go to work. We can’t spend the whole day here. We saw a few people going upstairs and we thought they were getting VIP and protocol treatment. They’ve told us they are using the numbers and I’ve got a number now.”

One of the officials stated that, the process was going smoothly, but expressed concerns with the “impatience” of the parents.”
“We have to admit 500 people, we can’t do it at the same time,” she said

At the Kumasi Academy in the Ashanti Region, Citi News’ Hafiz Tijani reported that, many parents had braved the rains to arrive early in order complete their wards’ registration.
Source: citifmonline.com

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