LUCSMANI Limited Petitions Ministry Of Defense Over Military Trespass & Threat of Death

Lawyers of Lucsmani Company Limited has petitioned the Minister of Defense to investigate what they described as unlawful trespass by some military officers and landguards on the residential property of their client Mr. Frank Lewi at Roman Ridge.

Lawyers from Jean Maurellet chambers acting under the instructions of Mr. Lewi narrated that their client had acquired the said property for a valuable consideration which is covered by a judgment of High Court in Accra in a suit No. IRL/11/16 entitled James Topp Nelson Yankah(plaintiff) Vrs. Dr. Kwabena Dffuor II.

Narrating the incidence of the trespass, the petition stated that at about 11am on the 20th of July 2022, military personnel numbering six led by Mingle Benjamin entered his premises without his consent or authorization and therefore had clearly trespassed on the said property in issue.

Apparently, Frank Lewi was not home at the time but the military personel met his wife and the military personel told her that they have been sent a military officer called Abena Kraah Addae of 64 Regiment of Ghana Armed Forces.
In addition, these personnel came along with two armed national security operatives to the said premises with intent to forcefully eject Frank from the house without any court order.

Consequently, they caused commotion in the process and threatened to cause damage to the door locks but they were not allowed and returned the next day 21th July 2022 when Abena Kraah Addae came to the said premise herself in the company of one Larweh and some landguards including a man named Hakim to assault his laundry man without any justification.

They further threatened to kill them if they don’t vacate the property. Mr. Lewi upon hearing the matter made official complaint at the police Headquarters and the landguards has since been arrested and invitation extended to these military officers to help assist in investigation.

Copies of this petition has been sent to Chief of Defense Staff, The Army Commander, National Security Minister, Commander in Charge of Military Police and the National Security Co-ordinator.

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