Lydia Forson lauds Anita Erskine for reaching out to Rashida.

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has applauded radio and television personality, Anita Erskine for extending a helping hand to a teenage girl, Rashida Black Beauty over her recent video.

According to the actress, Anita has done what many Ghanaians couldn’t offer to the vulnerable girl when she needed it the most. In her latest Facebook post, Lydia explained that, she could not simply fathom why many Ghanaians turned the heat on Anita, though they couldn’t pledge any help for the rejected girl.

The actress, who was clearly not happy about the posture of a renowned Ghanaian Journalist Manasseh Azure, claimed the media practitioner is deliberately condemning the poor girl to death over the video saga. She also alluded that, even Jesus Christ, in the Bible days opened his hands to receive Mary Magdalene, a woman who was widely known to be prostitute.

To her one do not necessarily have to like another person or her choices and lifestyle before offering his/her support, especially when they needed it the most.

Lydia Forson says, the horrible conduct displayed by the teenage girl, is as a results of a failed society.
Therefore it’s the responsibility of all to help reform such people in society.

Therefore Manasseh Azure and his cohorts should not open their noses at Rashida in a bid to shame womanhood.

She also insisted that, Rashida Black Beauty rather needs public support to help her reform, and not public outrage and outright condemnation as witnessed in few days.

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