LynnCare Foundation’s Health Train Hits Gomoa

LynnCare Foundation, a Non-Profit Making Organisation that provides sustainable development and assistance to depriving communities, has taken its Doctor’s Care initiative under its community outreach program to Gomoa Dawurampong where it screened over 200 residents of various ailments.

On Saturday, January 20, 2018 the Foundation pitch its tent at the Gomoa Dawurampong Community Centre where members including doctors, nurses and volunteers held free health screening exercise for the poor and the vulnerable.

The event drew lots of people, majority who were women and the aged, were examined for various diseases including hepatitis “B”, Malaria, hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma and other eye conditions. Children were also de-wormed whilst the women were screened for breast cancer.

Lynncare Foundation also donated used clothing to residents as part of its care and support initiative.
Speaking to Linda Dadson, the Founder and Director of the Foundation she indicated that the Foundation decided on Gomoa Dawurampong with the project considering the level of spread of diseases among residents especially people who cannot afford the means of knowing their health status and attending health facilities for treatment.

She said, the Foundation is doing these to meet the despairing needs of the poor communities in Ghana, hence they continue to channel resources in support of health, education and sanitation across Ghana. According to her, their outreach to various communities unveiled pressing issues that needed support and attention.

Linda Dason taking the media through the various sessions
Linda Dason taking the media through the various sessions

“Quality healthcare and educational support for children, financial support to empower women in entrepreneurship, are some of the problems we have identified when we go out on projects such as this,” she revealed.

Linda Dadson also pointed out that the health screening is a regular programme the Foundation established to help the underprivileged who could not access healthcare services due to financial constraints.

She said: “This initiative I believe is helping a lot in the sense that, these people you see here today majority of them don’t have the means to even go for consultations at a health facility. But we come to them and bring this to them free at their doorsteps. We even give out free medication after diagnosis because we have qualifies doctors among us who took them through consultations and identified what each and everyone is suffering from and I can say confidently that we have made an impact.”

It was discovered during the screening that majority of residents have high blood pressure and high sugar levels. Minor ailments such as headache, malaria, abdominal pains were brought to the attention of the doctors who prescribed drugs to that effect.

She also advised people suffering from diabetes and hepatitis to engage in regular physical exercise and to eat more fruits, urging them to engage themselves in regular exercise and do away with excessive intake of alcohol and misuse of drugs since they tend to weaken the immune system, leading to chronic diseases.

She also mentioned that people, whose condition required further checks and treatment, were referred to the Central Regional Hospital for thorough checks and diagnosis.

“Lynncare envisions being the global ambassadors of goodwill to the deprived communities in Ghana. And that is what we set out to achieve,: Linda enumerated.

Nana Anobil Krampah, Abansa Omankrado who spoke on behalf of the elders and traditional leaders of the area commended Lynncare Foundation for the gesture.

He appealed to the Foundation to continue in its efforts and should endeavor to come to Gomoa Dawurampong to carry residents who could not take part through the screening process.

According to him, such support only comes to them ones during electioneering periods and believed that when organizations such as Lynncare Foundation decides to come in and support, they will be putting smiles on the faces of people especially the aged and the less privileged.



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