Maiden Maritime Regulation Law And Security Workshop Held

The Centre for Maritime Regulation Law and Security has held its maiden Maritime Regulation and Enforcement Training for security personnel in the Port and maritime industry.

The 5day program covered issues on the overview of the law of the sea, safety and security, legal framework for marine pollution, legal framework for fisheries and other related issues.

The Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Kwame Owusu said in executing its mandate for safety and security, the Ghana Maritime Authority has deployed a number of monitoring surveillance tools such vessel traffic monitoring information system.

“This is important because we must move beyond the era of undertaking our monitoring and enforcement mandate from our offices to being on the water making sure that vessels comply with regulations of GMA which are set in accordance with international conventions and instruments of the International Maritime Organisation,” he expressed.

The Executive Director of the Centre for Maritime Law and Security Africa, Dr. Kamal Deen said the training programme aims to enhance the capacity of institutions which deal with maritime issues, create synergy among stakeholders and promote corporation in maritime issues.

“We find this as a major contribution to maritime activities, as a coastal state it is important that we keep our stewardship. So looking forward we are happy to collaborate with other stakeholders in delivering this course and enhancing the capacity of our institution,” he said.



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